END THE WAR within yourself



We support powerful, Soulful Leaders & Couples to end all WARS with self and come into deep relationship with their gifts they are meant to share, NOW.


Our work is here to END the struggle, end the fight, and begin the path of RAPID MASTERY & inner confidence that allows you to create heaven on earth for yourself, anyone you work with, and the world at large. 

Truly, to live in a place of WELLth, which is the harmony of:

  • VITALITY - physical, mental, emotional intelligence and health + Love & Intimacy.

  • Freedom - the orchestrating your OWN TIME and PLACE.

  • Financial Abundance - the deep confidence to summon your Soul’s Deepest Gifts to create the exact amount of cash flow you want in your life.


Because we’re on a mission.

And if you’re reading this, so are YOU. 

OUR MISSION is to end all wars, and bring the epic possibilities of human potential and creativity for the highest bounteousness of ALL BEINGS, into our reality, NOW. 


When you feel the call, answer.


This happens through our Year Long Program called:


The activated SOUL path Curriculum:

physical • mental • emotional • financial

sexuaL • spiritual • inter-dimensional 

  • Physical 

    • Learning how to serve your BODY as your temple by:  

      • Removing all toxins from the system.

      • Getting a physical routine that serves your highest.

  • Mental

    • Orienting your Mind to your MISSION. 

    • Learning how to work with the Mind, ego and self-talk. 

  • Emotional 

    • Learning high-level emotional purging, emotional intelligence & emotional relating. 

    • Becoming responsible for ALL felt experiences and therefore becoming the SOURCE creator of your life. 

  • Financial 

    • Clearing up anything sabotaging your connection with true WELLth.

    • Developing a healthy & thriving relationship with money magic.  

  • Sexual 

    • Learning how to harness the power of the procreative force for Your Life's Mission & Your True Love's Expression. 

    • Activating your PRESENCE with your sexuality for your OWN pleasure.

  • Spiritual

    • Learning traditional ways of meditating & beyond AND - discovering your own forms of meditation, movement, prayer*spells. Our commitment is to guide you into your personal relationship with nature and the divine.

    • Learning how to call upon your Higher Self as your COMPASS.  

  • Inter-dimensional

    • Clearing family lineage contracts (emotional inheritance that is not YOURS). 

    • Astral projection, spirit guides, and time travel training.

How do we do this? 

  • Flowing through each of the above modules, you will receive a FULL ELEMENTAL OVERHAUL of your entire life

  • Vision Quests / Prayer Journey ~ Overnights in nature

  • Bi-Weekly 75-min Shamanic Coaching over Zoom 

  • Deep Family Constellations work 

  • Energy Healing & Initiation (yes, you will learn how to heal yourself). 

  • Constant resources of our Created Meditations, prayers, invocations, and manifestations mantras. 

  • Access to us, as teachers, students, mentors & guides. 


This journey is Only for you

if you are ready to call YOUR


back into your everyday life.



We take on only 5 students at a time.

This makes work personalized, deep, and unlike anything else out there.

This is coaching, mentorship, partnership and true apprenticeship with a SoulTeam that has dedicated their life to Spirit. 


When you feel the call, answer.


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There is nothing more freeing than waking up, knowing that I am enough.
Thank you for this gift. Briana walked me through the darkest point of my life; a complete change in my career and a long divorce. With this work, I was able to rebuild myself in WHOLENESS.
Thank you, I am forever grateful.
— Lisa S, San Francisco