21 Day Herbal Micro-Dosing (Dieta) Protocol

Investment in Self for The 21 days

Energetic Support, Protocol & Your Herbs - $495

(Your Herb shipping is included in all continental US states. Int’l & others, $15)


Your Herbs are cultivated here on our beautiful home in Ramona, CA. We have prayed over them, blessed them and infused them with YOUR essence. Your Herbs are not meant to be shared with others. If you would like to share with others, please request first so we can energetically open this.

  1. Place Your Herbs in a cool, dry, dark space. Do not leave it out, open or exposed. Do not expose it to the sun or light. In its sacred packaging, on an altar is best.

  2. As soon as you agree to this Journey, write out your INTENTION.

    1. What would you like to create in your life in these next 21 days?

    2. Send it to Briana, so she can be in prayer with you - briana@wholelifenlp.com

    3. Look at your intentions everyday before you begin meditation with Your Herbs.

  3. Choose a time that you will work with Your Herbs. Morning is best.

  4. Wake up an hour before your normal time.

  5. Making Your Herbal Tea

    1. Measure out ¼ teaspoon of Your Herbs.

    2. Mix with hot water, lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

    3. You can take as much as a ½ teaspoon, after day 5, and up to a teaspoon after day 15.

  6. Meditation (This is a general invitation. You are also open to create what is BEST for your connection to Source during this time)

    1. 1st 20 minutes - Read your intentions out loud. Sit in meditation for the first 20 minutes. Put on Sacred Music (if you choose), and begin. Ask Your Herbs to enter your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. Ask them to show you Their ancient wisdom. Ask for Them to open you up to your Spirit Guides and Teachers. Allow yourself to be guided. Allow yourself to lead with questions you may have.

    2. 2nd 20 minutes - set your timer and WRITE. Allow your pen to be guided.

    3. 3rd 20 minutes - Allow your body to move. Dance, float, walk. Being outside is best for this part.

    4. Repeat this process for 21 days.

  7. Step - Journey (A larger dose to go in deeper. You have enough medicine to complete the 21 days at ¼ teaspoon + 1-4 Journeys, depending on the depth)

    1. Start small. Only journey (1 teaspoon +)  AFTER you have completed your first 15 days of dieta.

    2. LET ME KNOW if you plan to journey.

    3. If you would like to take more herbs for a 3-6 hour journey, use 1-2 teaspoons. Start with 1, then add more. PLEASE NOTE - these herbs are VERY strong.

  8. Support

    1. Write me at any time if you need support - briana@wholelifenlp.com

    2. During this time your name is on my altar, and I am available for a phone call, email SoulCoaching and support if needed/wanted.

    3. I am here for you for to share any insights, ask questions, and seek guidance.


I love you & you are blessed~~