The Magnetism of WELLTh
and prosperity for your Life & SacredBusiness

Dear Divine Creator of all that is~

I ask that it may be so -
Please allow me to release and upgrade all thoughts, emotions and experiences that are not love and prosperity, with ease and grace.

Shift me into a leader who totally knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that I deserve ease, flow, radiance, abundance, beauty, health, wealth, prosperity, fun, rest, pleasure, love and GRACE. I now release all struggle, force or making-it-happen, with ease.

My SacredBusiness is now surrounded with white, divine light and builds with grace, fun and prosperity.
It is the MAGNET that draws like-hearted people to me.

My life is full of heart-centered soulful relationships.
My clients are heart-centered, soulful women, men and others, who TOTALLY align with my teachings, services, and my deepest truth!

I take the time needed and wanted to slow down to put the health of body, mind, and soul, life, and my loved-ones, first. I am now building the most supportive team which allows me to live in my zone of genius, more for what I love in my SacredBusiness.

I do not need to work alone, and I NOW magnetize a TRIBE of co-creators to support, inspire, uplift and work WITH ME.
I am a magnet for beautiful alliances, support and partnerships in my SacredBusiness and my life.

I communicate with strength, love and ease.
I clearly own my voice and express myself with passion, poise, influence and magic.

I am radiant health, I am divine.
My body is rich with calming, powerful energy.
All those who are in my presence are inspired by the continual flow of consistent energy
that flows from my body, to my mind, heart and into my words.

I live in alignment with my body, mind, heart and words. I am known for my integrity, and my love for truth.

My SacredBusiness is built on the bedrock of Truth - as a place where I support others to find their truth, as I discover mine.
I'm in tune with all of my emotions and my deep intuition.
I feel amazing, incredible and delighted to be alive!
I take time for myself everyday to work with my emotions through movement, sound, writing and other artistic expression.

I totally trust myself, and my new WELLthy life, full of richness, abundance.

I am power.
I am love.
I am trust!

I am a RiCH, powerful Spiritual CEO, Goddess.
I am the mother of my SacredBusiness.
I feel this beautiful truth and I breathe it into every single cell of my being, now.

I speak with love, clarity, and power about my SacredWork.
I honor money, I honor my work, and I honor myself and in doing so, I invite others
to step into their divine power and claim their worthiness, now.

I do not chase clients.
They come to me excited, with ease, ready to be around the magnet that drew them in,
and also ready to LIGHT THEIR OWN inner fire.

ALL the clients that come to me are on the same mission;
To end suffering, bring heaven to earth, and complete the story of violence against women and children.
All of my clients are ready to end slavery, wars, and all inequality.
We are all committed at the TRIBE OF LIGHT to shift from shame slavery into infinite shine, in this lifetime.

We all know that inner peace is the only path to world peace and they seek me out as a healer, intuitive, guide, coach, mentor, and support for creating this path for themselves in their business, relationships, body, mind, heart and soul.

Honesty is the texture of everything I create.
I orient myself to my deepest TRUTH and invite others just with my sheer presence, to do the same.
I am so RICH, full, and worthy with the service that I provide that all desperation, lack, need to make this happen,
or fear, is replaced with a feeling of fullness, calm, humble confidence, and deep faith.

I may not know the exact path, but I do see clearly into my future.
And that is all I need to become prosperous and successful in my life.

I now focus purely on how I want to feel.
I redirect any energy from worrying about what others might think into my OWN DESIRED felt experience.

My feelings are the magical source of all of my creations.
It is not about numbers, or how much I have in my bank account.
It is the feelings of safety, honesty, love, freedom, openness, truth and expansion that lights my path and inspires aligned action.

These feelings, emotions and aligned actions from this centered place IS the magnetic power that allows me to attract WELLth,
health, love and all of the clients and Sacred Work I could imagine, with ease, love and creativity.

I create the time to listen deeply to my soul and the source of my desires, and how they make me feel.
This is my inner compass.
I connect with the divine and I move through life with a deep sense of faith, joy and love.
As I move now from fear into love, financial miracles flow into my life with grace and fun.

Please Source, I ask you now to shift me into the SacredLeader who communicates her fees
with complete openness, ease, playfulness and confidence.

In this moment, help me to release the pain and conditioning that has made me feel small or unworthy of financial abundance.
Help me to PLEASE FORgive myself and all others who may have made me believe that I am small, undeserving in my power, and in my ability to receive a lot of money with grace, or not good enough.
I now send beautiful white golden light into every cell of my being, declaring that the war with money is OVER!

I am one with ABUNDANCE!
I am ONE with LIFE!
I am a fearless warrior queen/king who will no longer stay small or play the hurt victim,

What I have to offer is beautiful, sacred, worthy, and going to change lives!

I am the magnetic force, the creator of my own life, and the ruler of my destiny!

Money loves me and I love money!
I NOW release the FINAL residual shame, guilt or fear around creating WELLth,
earning money, and receiving divine abundance in my life.

I now open my mind, body, and soul to receiving prosperity.
I am a wealthy, talented, loving, powerful, awesome, SOUL.

I will no longer dim my light so others can feel safe around me.
I feel safe now being who I am fully, and I feel safe to GROW into the next version of myself,
witnessed by my tribe, community, clients, loves and life.

I feel safe right now.
I am a divine creator, teacher, healer, energy worker, money master, lover, friend, coach, mentor, visionary, leader and student.

Thank you, thank you to the divine energy that lives within me, and within all.
Thank you for all that I am.
Thank you for all the gifts that I have.
Thank you for all that I am becoming.
Thank you for all that we have created.
Thank you for all that is coming my way now with ease and grace for myself, my SacredBusiness,
and the souls who follow the divine light of love and the win-win that can be for all of humanity.

I dedicate myself to it being a creative flow of fun, ease and wealth for all beings, in this lifetime.
Thank you for being who I am in this VERY MOMENT!!

Thank you Source.
I am grateful.
And so it is.

Thank you for taking the time to step into your higher consciousness through the meditation of Cultivating The Magnetism of WELLTh and prosperity for your Life & SacredBusiness.

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We love you!!

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