Like all powerful Journeys, ours begins with a deep dive within. For this Initiation, we will be at Sacred Mountain Lodge, for a 1-day 1-night powerful 1x1 adventure with your SoulGuide, Briana. 

This will include deep SoulWork, Family Constellations, SoulGuide Coaching, ShadowWork and Divine Relaxation. 

All food and accommodations will be cared for.  



The Cultivation is a 2 month process. This is time in between the Initiation and the Integration to dive deeper into the SoulWork through 1x1 Phone or Zoom Digital Ceremonies. These are 90-Minute Ceremonies, at a chosen time, every other week. (4 Ceremonies total). 

The first Ceremony will be (aprox) two weeks after our Initiation. From the beginning of our Initiation, until the closing of our Integration, WE ARE SoulWork Partners. I am also available to you for a Spot Coaching at any time that you feel the need/want. All you do is email me, and I find the next available time for you. We schedule in 20 minutes and leave the conversation with a Soul Line (energetic/feeling/perspective) and Goal Line (3D, action in THIS dimension) Plan of Progression.

This is your PERSONAL access to Powerful PROCESS to dive deeper into the esoteric study and transmissions of Spiritual Work, the healing tenants of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Channeling, Crystal Work, Grid Clearing, and Family/Ancestral Clearing, and the integration of how all of this will support the creation of your 1-year from Now version of yourself.

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The closing of this time together will be with a full day immersion to integrate our Work together.

It will be a full-on digestion of this 4 month journey.

We will be at Sacred Mountain Lodge, and all accommodations/food will be cared for, for the day. It will be fun, effective, powerful, and full of grace. 


Investment in self for ‘The Grace to Rise’ Journey: $1,333


Proposed Dates:

Initiation: Oct 23, 26, Nov 1, 9 (All these dates are available, you get to choose the one that fits the best for you.

Cultivation: Start 1-2 weeks after Initiation.

Integration: 3 months after Initiation.



~ I look forward to creating a powerful Grace to Rise Journey Together ~

In the loving,