You may just love this.
THIS IS NOTHING like you've ever experienced before.

Start date: October 1, 2019

Calls: Every Other Tuesday, 5:30pm, PST

Price: So accessible

Will be offered: Only once

Purpose: To activate the FINANCIAL POWER & EASE and Sacred.Biz Sovereignty of as many women as possible.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.56.34 AM.png

RIGHT now, it just seems ‘hard’

You’ve found what you love to do.

You know your PASSION.

And for some reason, turning it fully into a SacredBusiness feels like WORK WORK WORK… and you are ready for something deeper.

You are ready to STOP the stress.

You are ready to STOP the worry.

You are ready to FEEL the support.

And you are ready to create the INCOME you know you desire.

What’s the PROGRAM?!?!?

BitchCraft is a 4 Module Program, that lasts 8 weeks.

Each Module will have

  • 1 Zoom LIVE SESSIONS (4 total, 90mins each)

  • 1 Facebook Live, Transformational Transmissions (4 total)

  • Coaching on Facebook, at anytime from SoulCoaches, Briana & Andreea

  • MODULE 1 - Embodying your MoneyMagic 
    (aka making the 💰💰💰 you want to be)

  • MODULE 2 - SacredBiz Structure 
    (aka flow 💦 & form 🏺in a juicy way)

  • MODULE 3 - Upgrading your magical powers 
    (aka astral projection 🔮🔮🔮for SacredBiz creation)

  • MODULE 4 - Know your NO’s, so you can BE your YES!

    (aka, your ideal client, and who you DON’T want to be with!)


    • MistressMinding with other epic women 
      (aka a Coven 🧝🏽‍♀️👯‍♀️👸🏽🧚🏼‍♀️ with a Vision)

    • Access to Briana & Andreea to support you throughout via the facebook page

    • Future access to deeper work!

What’s the Cost?!?!

We created BitchCraft for the magical womAn who wants to POLISH up on her Sacred business skills, and really get in the GROOVE of her deepest gifts.

  • My 1x1 work is now at $66,000/year per person

  • All of my small groups are from $8,800 - $15,000

The Zoom’s are worth $1660, each AND - (you will have access to all of the recordings, for LIFE!!)

ZOOM VALUE: $6,640

My Facebook Lives, are an hour’s worth of work, $333 each.


Coaching from Briana & Andreea for over an 8 week period, we can’t put a full price on the value of this!! But because it is part of our exercise here…


This program is $888.

That’s right!!!

Only, ONE PAYMENT OF $888.

Why so accessible?!??! You might ask…

  • We are DEEPLY committed to seeing every WOMAN, WIN.

  • We acknowledge that there are women with incredible gifts who are not able to pay the premium that we are fully worth - AND- we wanted to SERVE those women as well.

  • We will fill this program to 20 women. Once we have 20 sign ups, we will begin the program. It does not begin until we have 20 women registered.

  • AGAIN, we will have the START date as soon as we have all 20 women registered, payments complete, and fully ALL IN.

  • We will be utilizing this course to develop a PRODUCT. In order to participate, you get to sign a waiver that allows us to use your voice, story, and all zoom recordings in our product.

So if you’re ALL IN

You have 2 STEPS:

  1. <— Fill out the application here.

  2. Send in your payment -

    1. PayPal Friends & Family to

    2. If you’d like a payment plan, you can do 1, 2, or 3 payments over the course of the next 3 months (starting the moment you sign up). Email us your plan (dates and proposed amounts), and complete your first payment to begin ( &




Hold Your Place Policy: 

If you cancel before 20 days before we begin, we will honor your contribution for another course or event.

If it is less than that, your spot cannot be filled and the contribution goes towards the unused space. 

Emergencies may be an exception, at facilitator's discretion.

No refunds are given, unless an agreement is made via email, before the start date of the course.

Thank you for understanding.