Beauty, even in the Sh*t

It starts as a pit in my belly.
A fluttering of my heart.
A quickness in my breath.

I get up and I grab for my phone. 
Is everyone okay? 
Did something horrible happen? 

Why am I feeling like I forgot the most important thing in my life? 



The practice of being with what is, and loving whatever arrises has been a challenge this past week. 

I'm in the middle of building a business, being present for my clients, and being honest with my capacity for friends, free time, art and creating new projects.

So why am I sharing this with you?
Because this morning I wanted to stay in bed because it was too windy.

And there are times when I am too sad.
Or too tired.
Or too this, or too that.

And I am in the middle of learning how to honor, love and listen to what arrises, AND also keep my Eye focused on the present challenge:

Creating a Love Empire.  




It is such a dance. 
To honor what my body needs. 
And to honor what my dreams need. 

Finding the way to be with both - even when paradoxical. 

So I sit in metta (loving-kindness) meditation.
I breathe deeply and remind myself that no matter what happens, I am here to love and take care of this one.

I let all my inner children and all of my inner worriers become present at the dinner table of my heart as I, as the principle consciousness, welcome them in with open arms and appetizers of complete allowing, acceptance and embracing.  



While I sometimes wish that I didn't have to deal with this feeling at all, right now I am learning how to be with this part of myself. 

I have a knowing that learning this, removing the shame around "anxiety" and also no longer searching for WHY I feel this way, is what allows me to share this now and also permits passage without (as much) need to hide it, fix it, or fade it. 




I hold the presupposition that all experience is here - just for that. 
To be experienced. 
Allowed. Accepted. And embraced. 

So even when it is uncomfortable, unusual, or unwanted, it is here for but one thing - to run through our nervous systems unencumbered by my need to figure it out. 

So try that on today. 
If there was NOTHING to shift - 
If you were able to just be you, today - 
No matter what you feel, or how accomplished, legitimate, authentic, or even true you are - 
If you could just be you today, with it all ....

What would having that do for you? 

With heart & soul, 



Enter the Gates with Thanksgiving


Is Mercury still in retrograde? 
Is our President for real? 
Is everyone's -ish is metaphorically (and sometimes literally) hitting the fan right now? 

It seems to be that things are intense. 

If it is up, it is up BIG TIME. 
In the best ways possible. 

What we have been able to hide from in the past just isn't allowing us to run anymore. What we have been able to perform as "okay" is no longer serving our souls. 

We are done with all the bullshit. 
Starting with our own. 




The great thing is we get to do just that. 
Come as we are. 
As we enter into the gates of the present moment. 
The forever now. 

With whatever is "up" how can we ether the most precious, holy and pure Gates of Now ... with Thanksgiving? 

Trusting that that whatever is up - is handmade just for my learning. 
That there is something perfect even in the shitty-ness of it. 

How can I embrace ALL OF THIS,
while entering the Gate of this Moment,  
with Thanksgiving? 




Staying Present. 
Returning to the gift of the present. 
The breath. 
The feeling of your life at the deepest part of your belly. 
All the way down to the lowest part of your back. 

Can you feel it in traffic?
Can you feel it in pain?
Can you feel it in joy?
Can you feel it in conflict? 

My power is directly proportionate to my ability to stay present with my breath, in my body, no matter what the circumstance. 



So it is all up. 
And you are not alone. 
Come back into the moment with your breath. 
There are no enemies. 
Not inside of you. 
Not outside of you. 

This is all here for your deepest and most authentic learning. 


You know your mission. 

You are here to be a part of a great team. 
A group of liberated hearts and souls. 
Here to help librate the hearts and souls of everyone. 

When we see someone in the suffering of ignorance, we love them as we have learned to love ourselves through our own ignorance. 

When we experience someone in the pain of their soul not being awake, we invite ourselves into that place where a part of our soul is still waking up. 

We are not better than anyone. 
We are here to be a part of the human family.
And the requires EVERYONE'S participation.
No being left behind. 

So we learn to love EVERY part of ourself.
As a practice of learning how to love everyone. 

And that is the true practice of~ 
Entering the Gates with Thanksgiving! 

The practice of giving thanks in every moment.
For your life.
For your creation.
For your receivings.


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In love & solidarity, 
Briana & Team



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1 Minute Prayer - Sacred Journey Note

And the message... 
I felt very called to share this with you at this time. 

So, I have sat down at my computer again to create this Official Sacred Journey Note - 

How to move forward, even when it feels like too much. 

It's a lot. 
I get it. 
I'm feeling it too. 

It's a lot what is happening in our world. In our countries.
In the external environment. 
So much so that I have to shut down my connection to Media generators just to feel sane sometimes. 

It's a lot what is happening inside. In our internal reality. 
The coming together of our awakening, with the edges that still have shadow, shame, confusion and grief sometimes feeling like it's leading the way... 
We have more tools than ever,
and sometimes it cans still feel like too much. 



I haven't felt at ease since returning from Standing Rock. 
Where I witnessed so many of our sisters and brothers standing together, for life, for water, for Spirit, for our Souls. 
For what is right. 

And I have taken some time. 
A beat. 
To really feel into - 
How can I be of MOST service, at this time. 

The answer is brewing. 
I can feel her starting to show her face in my daily life. 
She is starting to send her love into conversations I have with my clients. 
She is showing up in each Sacred Ceremony, each Sacred Circle we are holding. 

She is showing up in the classes I am facilitating. 
She is showing up in my blood family. 

She is showing up. 
This Soul of Life. 
This one who is asking us to stand together. 
The part of us that is asking how we can transmute all of the ugliness, the old paradigm of death, destruction, greed, petroleum, domination...
how can WE be the conduits that transmute this WHOLE THING into beauty,
at this time? 

How do we say YES to become the ones that are needed at this time?




We have done this work on ourselves. 
To wake up and share our story.
And to creating heaven on earth. 

Four days before he was killed,
Crazy Horse said this to Sitting Bull.

"Upon suffering beyond suffering the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world; a world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations; a world longing for light again.

I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.

In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom.

I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one."

- Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Sioux (circa 1840-1877), Dennis Dougherty

How can we Stand Forward into this prophesy?
"I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again."

That the whole Earth become one... again. 


So I get quiet. 
And I listen. 



You are invited. 
To pause for 1 minute a day. 
And Pray. Visualize. Send good vibes. See the possibility of -
The Best and Highest Outcome for Everything on the Planet at this time. 
You can choose your focus
- The Earth
- The Rivers
- Women/Children
- The Leaders
- Our food

et al. 
Because it is all connected. 
You are invited to try it.
Set your timer for 1 minute and pray.
This is something you can do. 
Right now. 

Join me. 
Everyday at noon. 
And let me know how it goes for you.

And come hang out.
Really though. I love you and I would love to see you soon.
Because I feel like together we CAN figure out
How inner peace will create world peace -

Ceremony Meditation Class
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Every Thursday
- Venice, CA - 


Praying for all the beings in all the worlds to awaken to our oneness. 

Briana & Team~
Love all. 
Serve all. 
Remember who you are. 

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What to do when you 'Hit the Bottom'

WholeLife ~ Sacred JourneyNotes

"What to do when you hit the bottom of the well? 
Well you can try to scratch you way out, yell for a savior-ladder, distract yourself while you are down there... or you can remember why you jumped into the dry well in the first place and start digging..." 

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What to do when you 'Hit the Bottom' 
Also known as Life
WholeLifeNLP - Sacred JourneyNotes


So this theme may not apply to everyone. 

But for a lot of my friends, family, people I work with and myself, these past few months have really been a doozie. And the well feels dry. Whether it is in the theme of purpose, relationships, or prosperity, maybe something has been feeling a bit parched... a bit dried out and difficult to move through... 

Not to mention it feels like things are heating up in our political, social, and international realities. 

And last week, I had HAD it. 
I was tired of waking up tired, and feeling that heaviness that likes to rest between my shoulder blades like a stinging set of heavy wings.

I was tired of my smile not coming naturally.
I was ready to... dig. 



You see, I have been sitting on top of this dry well, contemplating what to do about the "no water" situation. And I concede, sometimes, non-action is a proper response. But then, something arose in me. A deep desire to investigate within myself - why does it really feel like something has been lost? Like there is no water? And it is never coming back?

I know that the lie of scarcity is just that - a lie!
Scarcity of love, of community of resources, of money, of time... all a lie. And yet everywhere I turn I have been receiving the reflection of scarcity. 

So I picked up my shovel and started to dig... 



 ~ Step 1 of Digging ~ 
Yield up the vision, the desires,
and the energy of 'this needs to SHIFT NOW!' ... 
Let it go. 

Start with a Prayer
An Intention
A Goal
However you would like to frame it. 

Mine goes like this ~ 
I return to the prayer of my mother, my grandmother, my maternal lineage. 

Dear Great Spirit, Universe,
~ ~ That which is Me and Greater than Me ~ ~ 

May I trust that wherever I am right now is the greatest place for me in order to be able to serve the vision of an creative, safe, and healthy evolving planet, the highest expression of love amongst all my brothers and sisters, and ultimate prosperity for all beings. Myself included.

Continue to guide me from my heart's own voice as I learn to further relax and enjoy this journey.

May I access my creativity and harmony as I work my inner world to refine evermore subtle integrity with the highest expression that I can visualize and feel for myself and for this planet.  

May my heart and mind surprise themselves with how much they truly get along, melting the story of inner conflict for now and evermore.

May my external reality surprise me with the peace that comes from this inner reflection ~ as it gets better for each of us, it gets better for all of us. 

May we find love in all expected and unexpected places. 

May we discover the prosperity of our breath. 

May we bless everyone we meet, remembering that the inner struggle that we are so in tune with is very much hidden from the majority of our sisters and brothers. 

May I live in a constant state of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Love. 

May I continue to notice and create instances for prosperity for all ~  in art, in love, in resources, in money.

May I remember that I know how to do this well ~ 
prosperity grows when it is shared from the heart. 

Remembering that each inhale is Spirit writing a love letter to my body

~ ~ ~ "I love myself" ~ ~ ~ 
She Whispers

May I continue to meditate and
pay attention this is love letter every chance I get. 

And so it is.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 



~ Step 2 of Digging ~
Finding your groove again. 

Once I have my intentions clear, I take a breath, and feel into some resources. Something that will get me to that ressonate place of HOW I want to be digging. How I want to carry my energy throughout the day... 

I have included some of my recent favorites here for you. 

1. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It
A 52 minute audiobook that reminds us of this oh so simple, yet so easily forgotten practice of Self Love and how CRITICAL it is at all times, and especially when we have hit the bottom. 

2. The End of Victimhood by Matt Khan
Matt is a hilarious teacher and while I do not endorse everything that he says, this talk really to reminds us how to center, and how to love others while digging. Through the tough stuff. Especially when the "shit keeps happeneing to me..." storyline pops up.

3. The Gene Keys
This Book, The Hologentic Profile, and Treading the Golden Path have been an integral part of my life for the past 5 years. And recently, I have found myself digging deeper with this work, especially as I feel myself in the well... This is not a resource for the timid. This is a full-on encyclopedia-beyond that dives deep into a format that utilizes essences of Human Design, the I-Ching, Cabala, astrology, and channeled information. 



~ Step 3 of Digging ~
Be Free

We have obligations.
Times we have to wake up.
Classes to show up to.
Meetings we have to attend.
People we have to see and things we just HAVE TO DO.... 

And in this process of digging in the well,
We are not looking to stay put. 
We are not looking for an exit route.
We are looking for water. 

Most of the time, we get stuck in a rut and we no longer feel free in this land of the free. We feel trapped. Imprisoned. Like someone has taken over our lives and we HAVE to go through these motions or all the worst case scenarios will show up...  

But that just isn't true. 
The third step in Digging is to remind to yourself just how free you are. The Challenge is: Choose 1 thing a day for the next week that is completely of your choice. That you say to yourself - this is ME showing me my freedom. 

It may be a walk at an irrational time of night. 
Maybe it is eating at that restaurant you have been dreaming about. 
Maybe it is letting yourself laugh in front of those people who make you nervous... Whatever it is, let your heart feel how free you already are. 

There are so many processes and journeys and ways to freedom. 
And the best practice I have found in creating more feeling of being free to be me... is to do it. 

Just 1 time a day. 
Do one thing. 
That scares you. 
That will allow you to remember how free you already are. 
And then the water will start to trickle around your shovel... 

Thank you for being you. 
I look forward to connecting more with you. 


I honor you on this Journey. 

In this sacred learning together, 





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The Dark and Light Dance

“They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil, no male without female, no right without wrong. That nothing can exist if it's direct opposite does not also exist.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams

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How to Dance in the Dark & Light
The Balance of Life
WholeLifeNLP - Sacred JourneyNotes

Together we breathe as global and personal lessons deepen, the desire for community increases, and the yearning for personal and collective freedom can be heard from every heart. 




This past week has been a real exploration of the Dark. 
Images in the media. 
World events. 
Personal trials. 
Feeling the swampy, heavy, Dark energy... that is deeply connected to the personal and collective patterning that is ready to clear now. 

As Lena Stevens from The Power Path shares with us ~ 

"...The first couple of weeks (of July) may not be an easy time. You may have to revisit your emotional psyche and do a bit of clearing. You may feel triggered, impatient, reactive, emotional, cranky, irritated, out of sorts, discouraged, overwhelmed, defensive, mistrusting, and have a general feeling that nothing is working in your life.

There is a pressure to transform something, but the clarity is not there yet. This too shall pass. Meet this time with discipline around your practices and self-care. Focusing on how you can better support yourself and who you are is key to your own personal transformation."




So what to do in these times when the DARK is RIGHT HERE? 
The learning here for me has been - SLOW DOWN. 

Two days ago I was REALLY feeling this Dark energy. And I was scurrying around my home to get everything ready for a sacred event I was holding on the other side of town. Making sure I had everything on my list completed. My car loaded. The right clothes. That my hair was somewhat presentable. At the same time I could feel myself AVOIDING the Dark... Really needing to make SOMETHING HAPPEN FAST... so as not to let the Dark catch up with me... 

And in the middle of all of it, I crashed my water filter on the kitchen floor, destroyed the inside of my precious water filter, broke a huge glass bottle, and ended up spending the next hour "cooling down" and cleaning up the watery mess. 

After the crash, I sat on the couch.
And I asked my heart, my body, and even... the Dark...  
What are you needing?
What are you here to teach me?? 

She said...
in a whisper...
in sweetness... SLOW DOWN.
That trying to avoid the Dark only brings you deeper into the hyper-active, crazy-making, frantic energy that does not serve you, or anyone else. 



The reframe here is: 
How to Dance with the Dark

There is nothing to fix. 
There is nothing to scream against. 
There is nothing to fight, and nothing to change. Right now. 

How can you learn to dance with an energy that most of the time, triggers avoidance, running away, scary feelings of gross, spooky, not for me, eww...

Can you slow down? For just a few moments.
And let this energy land.
It doesn't have to be in your body.
It can sit right next to you.
Because it has something it wants to say... 

Can you ask what this is here to teach you? 
Because the Sacred Paradox here is - 

Any action that comes from trying to CHANGE or AVIOD the Dark
will only result in MORE of that feeling.

The change (upgrade, shift, and relaxation) only happens when you allow yourself to explore - what is this here to teach me?... Allow the Dark a place to become a partner in your system, and notice what lesson it brings. 



So the practice today is:

  • Notice how you feel about your life - recent events in the world - your own Sacred Journey
  • Take a moment to Honor the Dark. Welcome it in. Breathe in our shared current reality.  
  • Literally get into the Light - spending time in the Sun is an amazing way to Neuro-Chemically shift your perspective from Dark to Light 
  • Slow down. Focus on one item of Self-Care for today as a way to pay homage to the balance of Dark & Light. 

Questions for Dark & Light Contemplation: 

  1. What are you ready to Balance more now in your life? 
  2. Where would you like to stop resisting the Dark that keeps showing up to offer it's voice? 
  3. How much can you be with the "Dark" - even if it is just for a few breaths? 


And know that the shift, the re-balancing, always comes. 
“Remember that whatever it is you feed, that is what will grow. So feed the love, not the fear. The second half of the month brings with it the higher emotional center. This is the energy of love, connection, agape, a huge open heart and an experience of essence connection.

During this time, you may feel yourself greatly inspired to do something radical and outside your comfort zone. It is a time to connect with others, to feed your creativity, to come up with new ideas and to fall in love with yourself, your life and everything around you…” 

I honor you on this Journey. 

In this sacred learning together,

The Importance of the Exhale

The Importance of the Exhale
Honoring the time to Rest
WholeLifeNLP - Sacred JourneyNotes

Together we all stand at the zenith of Now - a great time to usher in the new way. And a big part of that is allowing for time to recalibrate, rest, and honor our bodies when it asks for the Exhale. 




EXHALE is what happens to all of us conducting a CREATIVE LIFE - a life that can only be lived artistically by our own soul. The Exhale is what I used to call 'depression' - that time when inspiring myself to get up and go just isn't there. When my body wants to lay, and just soak in all the work that I have done. 

Very rarely is this Exhale welcomed in our culture. In the transformational field of always needing to be on the 'edge' and pushing our hearts to expand, our work to grow, and our spirit to soar, this is a subject that FEW have written on. But in my experience, I find that the Exhale ALWAYS finds me... and is not always 'convenient.'



I find that there can be a great deal of self-judgement around doing nothing. That I am not actively building my business. That I am not creating. That if I am not tending to every aspect of my life 'on point' then something will fall through the cracks and I will end up being seen as a loser, unable to pay my rent, or worse, being forced to let go of my dream. 

The old story: The hardest thing for me to do, is nothing. 



The reframe here is: 
How to live to Honor the Exhale. 
I am reframing this time for myself, and all of us, as the time to focus on Radical Self-Honoring. The point when our bodies, our hearts, and our minds, say 'no more pushing' - the 'work' then is to learn how to relax, and really listen to and give space for what is being asked of us. 

It can take a few days.
Weeks. Sometimes years. 
But the process of Honoring the Exhale allows for grace, space, and inspiration to start to naturally flow back in, rather than being forced and ultimately creating a deeper imbalance. 

During this past week of Exhale, I have taken time to go on slow walks, be in nature, have conversations without any objective, and to let go of my need to do, in order to appear productive. 

And also, to literally focus on the Exhale. 

Big womb breaths on the Inhale (creation, work, movement), deeply request a more relaxed drawn out Exhale (Honoring Space and Rest). 



So the practice today is:

  • Make an inventory in your mind, or on a piece of paper, of all the areas that you have felt tight, controlling, or needing to show up. 
  • Take a moment to honor all of the work that you have been doing. 
  • Now with the list in hand or heart, take a BIG Exhale. Allow yourself to acknowledge your work, and return all of your efforts to Spirit. 
  • Take a literal SUNDAY - and allow yourself to enjoy the sun, your body, and your efforts, especially in the area of your Soul's Work. 

Questions for Exhale's Contemplation: 

  1. What are you ready to relax more into now? 
  2. Where would you like to allow more fun, ease, and grace into in your current work, family, and creative life? 
  3. What is out of your control that you have been trying to control? How can you let that go back to Spirit now? 
  4. How much can you enjoy doing nothing, even if just for a few minutes? 

I honor you on this Journey. 


In this sacred learning together, 

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It's Either a Hell Yes, or a No

This is a re-blog post by Mama Gena from -

Yo lady.

Who are you when it comes to stating your truth?
Your deep true truth.

Are you a she wolf? Proudly howling your truth out loud?
A mad dog? Rage first, talk later?
A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Smile on face, secret knife pointed towards the belly?
The silence of the lambs? You simply can’t say. Don’t know. Lost your compass.

As a mom of a teenage girl, I have a big interest in this question.
How can we navigate the world with confidence if we can’t find our truth?

Peggy Orenstein recently published her new book, Girls and Sex, Navigating the Complicated New Landscape. Part of her research won’t be news to us, disturbing as it may be. She reports that half the girls are participating in oral sex, sexting, and nonconsensual sex with boys in order to please the boys, in hopes that the boys will like them. Not because they want to. 

Orenstein says that young women are given no encouragement to understand their bodies, let alone their desires, and instead they grow up to understand sex as an act that is about pleasing others—rather than pleasuring themselves. 

Women. The portal to life. The sacred entry point of human life on this planet.
Reduced to a convenience store, a service station.

A woman’s deeply seated confidence cannot come from how many degrees she has, what kind of job she has landed or how well she is conforming to society’s expectations of her.

A girl’s—a woman’s—sense of confidence comes from how she feels in her body.
And how she feels about her body is, in part, a legacy, passed mother to daughter.
Which only works well when her mother thinks she is glorious, delicious and wondrous.
Which is an exceedingly rare perspective for a mama to have and to hold in this patriarchal world.

And the other part to her confidence comes from her learning to know and love her own instrument. Which is super hard in a world where women learn how to compromise before they learn to come.  

The generosity of woman is boundless. It’s our innate nature to fiercely create, care-take, love, embrace, appreciate.

But our custom has been to do all this caretaking from an empty well, rather than from a gloriously full tank. Filled with our dreams and desires prioritized and nurtured. Filled with a body that is known and loved and revered.

I’m interested in how this pattern influences our ability – or inability – to know and speak our truth. 

I notice that many of us, when faced with a decision or a moment of choice – whether it be a job, a blow job, a date, an invitation – we often take our attention off ourselves and we put it on other people, or on societal expectations, and whether we will please them, or disappoint them.
What will he think of me? Will they approve of me? Will I be accepted?
And we bypass our deepest truth without even noticing.

What we don’t know is that our deepest truth is something that not only we require, but the world requires. When we use our truth to make decisions, they become decisions that not only take us higher, but take everyone in our world higher. And when we bypass our truth, we take everyone down with us. 

One of Ornstein’s proposed solutions is for us to all move to the Netherlands. Dutch parents, teachers and kids talk about sex, condoms, pleasure and how to say yes and no. Which is so good to know that somewhere in this world, progress is being made.
But how can each of us make progress, right now?

How can we, right here, right now, step more powerfully into our hell yes or hell no?
The first step is the same step as when you want to uplevel your workouts, or change your eating habits, or start dating. Tell everyone. Letting people know that you are on a growth spurt helps to make it real.

I challenge you to experiment with a commitment to your own truth. 

Here are a few tips to help: 

1. Tell all your friends and fam that you want to try to locate your inner truth more consistently and that you are going to ask for their help with that. (You don’t need to know how you are going to do it, you just need to declare that you want to.)

2. Tell your pals, family and co-workers that from here, forward, every time they make a request of you, you are not going to answer them in that conversation. Rather, you are going to practice checking in with yourself, and you are going to count to 10, or take a short break before you answer them. This requires bravery and patience on your part.

3. Then, you are going to head to the nearest private space to connect. Get in a few deep breaths. Place your hand on your heart, on your pussy, on your belly.Feel. Really just stop the train for a few seconds. And ask – feel – what is my deepest truth? 

We, as women are so accustomed to pleasing others, folding on our desires, compromising ourselves, taking it for the team, putting our families first, that we don’t give ourselves time to sink into the divinity of our own truth and experience the enlightenment from within. 

It might be hard to hear much of anything at first, but I promise you, the more you do this, the more information you’ll get. It’s all in there.  

A faint whisper turns into a dialogue, which turns into the greatest collaboration of your life—you and your higher power, working together as a team, to stand for your value, each and every day.  Rather than sidestepping your value. Or diminishing your value. 

And by standing for your truth in this gentle yet powerful way, you are standing for a world of women and girls, to stand for theirs.

In the comments below, let’s collaborate and learn together.

  • Where is the easiest place for you to hear your deepest truth? With your friends? Family? With strangers?
  • Where is the most difficult place for you to check in and listen to what you truly long to say? At work? With your husband? Kids? New lover?
  • What’s your edge? Where do want to find a way to step into a truth you have been sitting on?
  • And how does it make you feel when you witness a woman stepping bravely into her power? Can you tell when she’s holding back? Can you tell when you are holding back?

For the girls of today, the women of tomorrow – it starts with you. In this culture, a commitment to your own truth is a revolutionary act.





Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing (  She has been described as having a "magical" way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, sabotaging their path, and stopping them from living the life they most desire. She coaches to reignite personal freedom, flourishing relationships, soulful leadership, and authentic communication. She works with the presupposition that life is an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact, and deepest gifts.  

The Mother's Knowledge

“What a recovery of the wisdom of the Mother brings to all of us is the knowledge of inseparable connection with the entire creation and the wise, active love that is born from that knowledge.

“Unless the human race realizes with a passion and reverence beyond thought or words its inter-being with nature, it will destroy in its greed the very environment it is itself sustained by.

Art by Summer Storm

Art by Summer Storm

“Unless our fundamental sacred connectedness with every being and thing is experienced deeply and enacted everywhere, religious, political, and other differences will go on creating intolerable conflict that can only increase the already dangerously high chances of our self-annihilation.

“The Mother’s knowledge of unity, her powers of sensitivity, humility, and balance, and her infinite respect for the miracle of all life have now to be invoked by each of us and practiced if the ‘masculine’ rational imbalance of our civilization is to be righted before its too late.

“Coming to know the hidden and forgotten Mother and the marvelous wisdom of the sacred feminine as revealed from every side and angle by the different mystical traditions is not luxury; it is, I believe, a necessity for our survival as a species.

“Knowing her we will know that we are her divine children in a relationship of complete, unconditionally loving intimacy; we will know that nature is holy in all its sacred particulars because it is everywhere vibrant with her light and her love; we will know that we have come to this earth not, as some patriarchal mystical traditions have implied, to escape it but to embrace it fully, not to ‘transcend’ it but to arrive here in full presence, gratitude and love.

“What knowing the Mother means above all is daring to put love into action. The Mother herself is love-in-action, love acting everywhere and in everything to make creation possible.

“Coming into contact with the Mother is coming into contact with a force of passionate and active compassion in every area and dimension of life, a force that longs to be invoked by us to help transform all the existing conditions of life on earth so that they can mirror ever more clearly and accurately her law, her justice, and her love.”

- Andrew Harvey from The Essential Mystics : Selections from the World’s Great Wisdom Traditions - via -



Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing (  She has been described as having a "magical" way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, sabotaging their path, and stopping them from living the life they most desire. She coaches to reignite personal freedom, flourishing relationships, soulful leadership, and authentic communication. She works with the presupposition that life is an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact, and deepest gifts.  

Nourish Yourself

“One must take time to retreat to be nourished and rejuvenate before creativity can begin again. Make sure you are nurturing yourself and feeding your own light. Think about what this means to you and how you can best nurture your own ‘shine.’

“Think of yourself as a growing plant. A plant puts forth beautiful blooms when it has the energy to do so. The more it is fed, the less energy it needs for growth. If at any point your growth requires too much effort, try to find the needed nourishment.

“If a plant does not rest and receive nourishment after blooming, the next bloom will be small or withered. This is your responsibility. The river of life will take you to many places, but you must feed yourself along the way. Don’t expect to be on, creative, and productive all the time. This is not natural; and doesn’t support healthy growth.

“Remember the nature of the human soul is to nurture the earth. You must learn how your own light needs to be nourished and supported, so you can be a caretaker of the earth.”

~Sandra Ingerman from Medicine for the Earth



Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing (  She has been described as having a "magical" way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, sabotaging their path, and stopping them from living the life they most desire. She coaches to reignite personal freedom, flourishing relationships, soulful leadership, and authentic communication. She works with the presupposition that life is an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact, and deepest gifts.  

Not everything is a Reflection of you & "YES" is NOT always the right answer.

So here it is. 

One of the biggest lessons I had to learn. The hard way. Which means I learned it by walking around, acting as if it were true, then getting really SIDEWAYS results. It got to a point where I was taking everything, every little thing, as feedback. And, taking everything that showed up in my reality as something to say "yes" to. Let's just say that I slept with a lot of losers and really did not have any clue what boundaries were. 

A wise teacher (or maybe I made this up, I can't quite remember) once told me:

"When you look in the mirror, do you ever just see yourself? No. Because what comes back to us is our reflection, along with our environment, the lighting, the mood of the space, and other factors (like maybe the mirror is warped) that have nothing, yes NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU." 

The weirdest thing about the idea that "everything is a reflection of you" is when someone else reminds you of this. For example, say someone speaks to me rudely and I point out, "Hey, I don't appreciate it when you use that tone of voice with me" and the response is "Well, the way I am showing up is just a reflection of you. " Yuck. This is a dangerous practice called deflecting, not reflecting. 

The circles that I have seen this "reflection" and "yes to it all" philosophy are not 100% wrong. It is that reflection of self, and the answer of YES to what shows up in front of you are only HALF of the options. 

The first option is remembering the CONTEXT of the reflection. 

Do you trust the person who is reflecting this to you? 

Is this a situation that it is time to learn to create your boundaries? Just because someone treated you poorly, it does not mean that you need to do more work on yourself, and just accept the treatment. It may mean that it is time to draw your boundary, say thank you very much and block their phone number. Seriously. 

It is not okay to notice a difficult situation that someone is going through then blame THEM for that reality because "they attracted it to them self" or because it is "just a reflection of their inner reality." Here is a reflection - if it is NOT OKAY, then the lesson here is for you to draw a line and say NO to that behavior in your life. 

The second option is practicing that NO is always an appropriate answer. 

Sometimes the lesson is learning how to say no to something that shows up, tempting, and enticing, because you have made a commitment, you have a set of values in place that are set to a goal that requires you to stay on course. 

The example I can best draw from for this theme would be recently, while developing my own business. Yep, I am a good, ole-fashioned entrepreneur and it is ass-kicking hard work. Mostly internal stuff around self-worth, mixed with annoying details like learning accounting. Back in August I decided to DEDICATE myself to this work full time, and not get distracted with my usual tactics, like leaving the country, having a crazy love affair and cutting off contact with everyone, or getting board which leads to creating chaos and sabotaging what I had built. I gave myself a full year to really stay put, get on track, and get some support. 


So there I was, a few months into seeing clients 1x1, and even toying around with developing some group work, and get I an offer. An offer that 3 months ago, I would have NOT refused. Great money. Travel. With a company I love. Team building and coaching - work I love.  

Now. Is the Universe telling me to switch?

I mean it would be SO MUCH EASIER just to go back to this company. 

I would feel SO MUCH MORE SUPPORTED and still be doing the work that I love. 

But here is the thing. 

I had made a value line. I dedicated a YEAR of myself to my business here. Yep. The website you are on right now is part of the fruit of my entrepreneurial labor.  

So the answer for me, at that time was NO. 

Just because it showed up, in a great package, did not mean it was a yes. Because I had dedicated myself to something else, the answer was NO. 

This may seem like small peanuts, but I have this conversation bi-weekly with friends and clients who believe that there are all these signs and symbols all around them, controlling their reality. Yes, I subscribe to being sensitive to my surroundings, and understanding the rhythms of the Universe. I am also learning that I am an ACTIVE CREATOR in this reality and that my NO's are just as powerful and just as vital to creating the life I desire as my YESES. 

So I share this not as an expert, but more as a student in the research of contextual YES and NO. 

What do you feel about the ideas that everything out there is a Reflection of you?

Also, what do you feel about the "Saying Yes to Whatever Arrises" philosophy?I want to emphasize that this is a huge subject, and my gross, broad brushstrokes do not even begin to really play with the personalized subtly of this subject. I do hope to however begin a deeper conversation around boundaries and taking responsibility for one's own creation. 



Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing (  She has been described as having a "magical" way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, sabotaging their path, and stopping them from living the life they most desire. She coaches to reignite personal freedom, flourishing relationships, soulful leadership, and authentic communication. She works with the presupposition that life is an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact, and deepest gifts.  


Empowerment & Compassion

WholeLife Journey Notes - 

This is one of the JourneyNotes and Meditations I send to select clients. Because I had requests to share it with others, I have posted it here. 

How can you be fully centered in yourself. 
Being deeply connected to another. 

These two used to be mutually exclusive for me. 
I could either be in my power
and feel VERY centered,
like I was "really taking care of me" 
- OR -
Deeply connected to the person right in front of me.

And if I centered in myself, I felt like I was taking away something from the other person. Or if I focused on them for "too long" or "too much" then I started to feel... depleted.  

With this Journey Note, I sat with what used to be the paradox of being deeply connected to myself WHILE ALSO being deeply connected to another.

Not only is it possible, but I discovered that it really is the ONLY way to do intimate relating that allows me to show up, honestly, authentically, and not get exhausted, overwhelmed, and resentful. 

Now, is that easer said than done? 

Here is what has supported me exploring both empowerment & compassion. 

1. A Relationship with Myself
It has been vital to carve out valuable time to create the relationship I have with me. Valuable meaning, I don't give myself "scraps time" - but I actually make it an INTENTION to spend alone, quality time with myself. 
I do not call anyone.
I do not "do" anything for anyone else.
This is time for me, to do what I want, at my own pace. 

2. A Morning Practice
A meditation that supports my own cultivation of EMPOWERMENT - or centering in myself. You can use the link here to access the GIFT meditation on Empowerment and Compassion. 

3. Clearing up my fears around intimacy. 
This REALLY came through my 1x1 NLP sessions. 
Not until I was able to clear up my past stories about "how close was safe" to another human being, was I able to actually FEEL compassion, rather than just act like I knew what compassion was. This has allowed me to comfortable SIT with someone who was going through a challenging experience, or even receive not so awesome feedback, while NOT BEING THROWN OFF of my center. Yea. Get hit with weird news and not let it shake my core. Invaluable. 

4. Practice. 
Sitting with another. While also breathing into my power. Showing Compassion, while not FALLING into their experience. The meditation here will help you with this, big time.  

So when you are ready, access this weeks Journey Notes Meditation here. 
And let me know how this theme moves you. 

As a humble student of this work, I am always looking for feedback. 
So if this Journey Note is useful to you, let me know. 

With heart, 


Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach Practitioner for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing (  She has been described as having a shamanic way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, sabotaging their path, and stopping them from living the life they most desire. She coaches to reignite personal freedom, soulful leadership and authentic communication. She works with the presupposition that life is an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact and deepest gifts.  


What's Your Ideal Scene?


Most people I coach have spent more time planning a festival weekend than designing their ideal life. If we want to see our desired outcomes manifest in life, in relationships, in business, or in any part of our creative endeavors, it is vital that we put some work into building our Ideal Scenes. 

Even in such uncertain times as recession or personal life chaos, those who build their business, relationships, and futures *by design*, succeed.

Lucky? Sure! - Luck favors prepared people with a strong vision!



A while ago I worked with a very talented painter. His goal was to get more private buyers for his expensive art pieces. I asked who was his ideal client. He said that he didn't care who the buyers were, as long as they could afford to buy his art.

I asked if he liked the idea of selling his paintings to some Mafioso interested only in the opportunity to launder money from selling drugs.

He didn't want that. He started to think and realized that he did care a lot who would be buying his art. He wanted to paint for *real* people, who would hang pictures in their living rooms and truly enjoy his creation. There WAS a specific type of buyer he wanted to attract and that helped him tremendously in marketing.

You too can just sell your services or products to *anyone* (that's the hard way) -- or design your life in such way that you attract people who will be grateful for what you do for them. You see, having those wonderful, loyal clients doesn't happen by accident. It is orchestrated.

Create your Ideal Scene
Begin with the end in mind. Write in the form of an essay, letter to a friend, or a multi-media art project (see blog on WholeLife VisionBoard)  from the future how would you like to live your life under ideal circumstances.

Define what it is that you really - really - want. Not only in business. In relationships. In your living situation. In health. In life.

Your Ideal Scene should be written in present tense. The more detail, the better it is. Be precise. If you can't write it down - you are not sure what you really want.

Not good. How can you set goals if you are not sure what you are after?

Time frames

Go through each of the series of questions for the following times. This is to REVERSE ENGINEER the process of creating your ideal scene into reality. Start a year from now, then break it down into smaller chunks. Allow your mind to explore, imagine and realistically create your ideal scene. 

Start 5 years from now. 

1 year from now. 

6 Months

1 month

The place
Picture yourself and your business (or relationship, health, living situation) in one, two, or even five years down the road. When everything works IDEALLY, where are you conducting business? Maybe you have many locations, in some busy malls. Or in your new dream home? On the beach? Describe it! Write it down. How does it look?

How does it FEEL?

Can you see the furniture, equipment, windows, walls, shelves, registers, entry area, flowers, pictures, computers, documents? Try to see it all. Keep writing and creating.

Who are your customers?
Now take a look at the people who are buying from you and working with you.

Who are they? How do they look? And what do they say about your business? What do they think about you? Are they happy? How do they express their gratitude for the opportunity to do business with you? What do they say about you to others? How do you feel about it? Good? Describe the SPECIFIC feeling. In what ways are your customers advocating your business? Saying... WHAT?

Remember - you are building your IDEAL scene, so dare to dream! In the IDEAL situation, how will your business affect lives of your customers?

Who is working for you?
Who are your employees? WHY do they work for you? How do they look? What are their plans and how will you help them to accomplish those plans? What do your employees say about you when you are not in the room? How does it make you feel?

Your personal life
What changes have your thriving business caused in the life of your family? In which way has the quality of your life improved?

So, you have more time...
What are you doing with that time?

You have more money?
What are you doing with all this money?

Do you travel more?
Where are you traveling to?

Have you bought a new home?
How does it look?
What do your friends say about you?

How do you feel. Happy?
What exactly makes you feel happy?

Don't forget your values
Write down what are the values you will not compromise in the process of getting there (wherever you came in your ideal scene). This will create a price limit you are willing and committing yourself to pay for your success.

Most people spend more time planning a vacation trip than designing their perfect life. No wonder that their life is not perfect. Don't be one of them! It is so much easier to accomplish what you want if you can see it in great detail!

Adapted from an article originally by Wanda Loskot


Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing (  She has been described as having a "magical" way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, sabotaging their path, and stopping them from living the life they most desire. She coaches to reignite personal freedom, flourishing relationships, soulful leadership, and authentic communication. She works with the presupposition that life is an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact, and deepest gifts.