Enter the Gates with Thanksgiving


Is Mercury still in retrograde? 
Is our President for real? 
Is everyone's -ish is metaphorically (and sometimes literally) hitting the fan right now? 

It seems to be that things are intense. 

If it is up, it is up BIG TIME. 
In the best ways possible. 

What we have been able to hide from in the past just isn't allowing us to run anymore. What we have been able to perform as "okay" is no longer serving our souls. 

We are done with all the bullshit. 
Starting with our own. 




The great thing is we get to do just that. 
Come as we are. 
As we enter into the gates of the present moment. 
The forever now. 

With whatever is "up" how can we ether the most precious, holy and pure Gates of Now ... with Thanksgiving? 

Trusting that that whatever is up - is handmade just for my learning. 
That there is something perfect even in the shitty-ness of it. 

How can I embrace ALL OF THIS,
while entering the Gate of this Moment,  
with Thanksgiving? 




Staying Present. 
Returning to the gift of the present. 
The breath. 
The feeling of your life at the deepest part of your belly. 
All the way down to the lowest part of your back. 

Can you feel it in traffic?
Can you feel it in pain?
Can you feel it in joy?
Can you feel it in conflict? 

My power is directly proportionate to my ability to stay present with my breath, in my body, no matter what the circumstance. 



So it is all up. 
And you are not alone. 
Come back into the moment with your breath. 
There are no enemies. 
Not inside of you. 
Not outside of you. 

This is all here for your deepest and most authentic learning. 


You know your mission. 

You are here to be a part of a great team. 
A group of liberated hearts and souls. 
Here to help librate the hearts and souls of everyone. 

When we see someone in the suffering of ignorance, we love them as we have learned to love ourselves through our own ignorance. 

When we experience someone in the pain of their soul not being awake, we invite ourselves into that place where a part of our soul is still waking up. 

We are not better than anyone. 
We are here to be a part of the human family.
And the requires EVERYONE'S participation.
No being left behind. 

So we learn to love EVERY part of ourself.
As a practice of learning how to love everyone. 

And that is the true practice of~ 
Entering the Gates with Thanksgiving! 

The practice of giving thanks in every moment.
For your life.
For your creation.
For your receivings.


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In love & solidarity, 
Briana & Team



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