What to do when you 'Hit the Bottom'

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"What to do when you hit the bottom of the well? 
Well you can try to scratch you way out, yell for a savior-ladder, distract yourself while you are down there... or you can remember why you jumped into the dry well in the first place and start digging..." 

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What to do when you 'Hit the Bottom' 
Also known as Life
WholeLifeNLP - Sacred JourneyNotes


So this theme may not apply to everyone. 

But for a lot of my friends, family, people I work with and myself, these past few months have really been a doozie. And the well feels dry. Whether it is in the theme of purpose, relationships, or prosperity, maybe something has been feeling a bit parched... a bit dried out and difficult to move through... 

Not to mention it feels like things are heating up in our political, social, and international realities. 

And last week, I had HAD it. 
I was tired of waking up tired, and feeling that heaviness that likes to rest between my shoulder blades like a stinging set of heavy wings.

I was tired of my smile not coming naturally.
I was ready to... dig. 



You see, I have been sitting on top of this dry well, contemplating what to do about the "no water" situation. And I concede, sometimes, non-action is a proper response. But then, something arose in me. A deep desire to investigate within myself - why does it really feel like something has been lost? Like there is no water? And it is never coming back?

I know that the lie of scarcity is just that - a lie!
Scarcity of love, of community of resources, of money, of time... all a lie. And yet everywhere I turn I have been receiving the reflection of scarcity. 

So I picked up my shovel and started to dig... 



 ~ Step 1 of Digging ~ 
Yield up the vision, the desires,
and the energy of 'this needs to SHIFT NOW!' ... 
Let it go. 

Start with a Prayer
An Intention
A Goal
However you would like to frame it. 

Mine goes like this ~ 
I return to the prayer of my mother, my grandmother, my maternal lineage. 

Dear Great Spirit, Universe,
~ ~ That which is Me and Greater than Me ~ ~ 

May I trust that wherever I am right now is the greatest place for me in order to be able to serve the vision of an creative, safe, and healthy evolving planet, the highest expression of love amongst all my brothers and sisters, and ultimate prosperity for all beings. Myself included.

Continue to guide me from my heart's own voice as I learn to further relax and enjoy this journey.

May I access my creativity and harmony as I work my inner world to refine evermore subtle integrity with the highest expression that I can visualize and feel for myself and for this planet.  

May my heart and mind surprise themselves with how much they truly get along, melting the story of inner conflict for now and evermore.

May my external reality surprise me with the peace that comes from this inner reflection ~ as it gets better for each of us, it gets better for all of us. 

May we find love in all expected and unexpected places. 

May we discover the prosperity of our breath. 

May we bless everyone we meet, remembering that the inner struggle that we are so in tune with is very much hidden from the majority of our sisters and brothers. 

May I live in a constant state of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Love. 

May I continue to notice and create instances for prosperity for all ~  in art, in love, in resources, in money.

May I remember that I know how to do this well ~ 
prosperity grows when it is shared from the heart. 

Remembering that each inhale is Spirit writing a love letter to my body

~ ~ ~ "I love myself" ~ ~ ~ 
She Whispers

May I continue to meditate and
pay attention this is love letter every chance I get. 

And so it is.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 



~ Step 2 of Digging ~
Finding your groove again. 

Once I have my intentions clear, I take a breath, and feel into some resources. Something that will get me to that ressonate place of HOW I want to be digging. How I want to carry my energy throughout the day... 

I have included some of my recent favorites here for you. 

1. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It
A 52 minute audiobook that reminds us of this oh so simple, yet so easily forgotten practice of Self Love and how CRITICAL it is at all times, and especially when we have hit the bottom. 

2. The End of Victimhood by Matt Khan
Matt is a hilarious teacher and while I do not endorse everything that he says, this talk really to reminds us how to center, and how to love others while digging. Through the tough stuff. Especially when the "shit keeps happeneing to me..." storyline pops up.

3. The Gene Keys
This Book, The Hologentic Profile, and Treading the Golden Path have been an integral part of my life for the past 5 years. And recently, I have found myself digging deeper with this work, especially as I feel myself in the well... This is not a resource for the timid. This is a full-on encyclopedia-beyond that dives deep into a format that utilizes essences of Human Design, the I-Ching, Cabala, astrology, and channeled information. 



~ Step 3 of Digging ~
Be Free

We have obligations.
Times we have to wake up.
Classes to show up to.
Meetings we have to attend.
People we have to see and things we just HAVE TO DO.... 

And in this process of digging in the well,
We are not looking to stay put. 
We are not looking for an exit route.
We are looking for water. 

Most of the time, we get stuck in a rut and we no longer feel free in this land of the free. We feel trapped. Imprisoned. Like someone has taken over our lives and we HAVE to go through these motions or all the worst case scenarios will show up...  

But that just isn't true. 
The third step in Digging is to remind to yourself just how free you are. The Challenge is: Choose 1 thing a day for the next week that is completely of your choice. That you say to yourself - this is ME showing me my freedom. 

It may be a walk at an irrational time of night. 
Maybe it is eating at that restaurant you have been dreaming about. 
Maybe it is letting yourself laugh in front of those people who make you nervous... Whatever it is, let your heart feel how free you already are. 

There are so many processes and journeys and ways to freedom. 
And the best practice I have found in creating more feeling of being free to be me... is to do it. 

Just 1 time a day. 
Do one thing. 
That scares you. 
That will allow you to remember how free you already are. 
And then the water will start to trickle around your shovel... 

Thank you for being you. 
I look forward to connecting more with you. 


I honor you on this Journey. 

In this sacred learning together, 





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