The Importance of the Exhale

The Importance of the Exhale
Honoring the time to Rest
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Together we all stand at the zenith of Now - a great time to usher in the new way. And a big part of that is allowing for time to recalibrate, rest, and honor our bodies when it asks for the Exhale. 




EXHALE is what happens to all of us conducting a CREATIVE LIFE - a life that can only be lived artistically by our own soul. The Exhale is what I used to call 'depression' - that time when inspiring myself to get up and go just isn't there. When my body wants to lay, and just soak in all the work that I have done. 

Very rarely is this Exhale welcomed in our culture. In the transformational field of always needing to be on the 'edge' and pushing our hearts to expand, our work to grow, and our spirit to soar, this is a subject that FEW have written on. But in my experience, I find that the Exhale ALWAYS finds me... and is not always 'convenient.'



I find that there can be a great deal of self-judgement around doing nothing. That I am not actively building my business. That I am not creating. That if I am not tending to every aspect of my life 'on point' then something will fall through the cracks and I will end up being seen as a loser, unable to pay my rent, or worse, being forced to let go of my dream. 

The old story: The hardest thing for me to do, is nothing. 



The reframe here is: 
How to live to Honor the Exhale. 
I am reframing this time for myself, and all of us, as the time to focus on Radical Self-Honoring. The point when our bodies, our hearts, and our minds, say 'no more pushing' - the 'work' then is to learn how to relax, and really listen to and give space for what is being asked of us. 

It can take a few days.
Weeks. Sometimes years. 
But the process of Honoring the Exhale allows for grace, space, and inspiration to start to naturally flow back in, rather than being forced and ultimately creating a deeper imbalance. 

During this past week of Exhale, I have taken time to go on slow walks, be in nature, have conversations without any objective, and to let go of my need to do, in order to appear productive. 

And also, to literally focus on the Exhale. 

Big womb breaths on the Inhale (creation, work, movement), deeply request a more relaxed drawn out Exhale (Honoring Space and Rest). 



So the practice today is:

  • Make an inventory in your mind, or on a piece of paper, of all the areas that you have felt tight, controlling, or needing to show up. 
  • Take a moment to honor all of the work that you have been doing. 
  • Now with the list in hand or heart, take a BIG Exhale. Allow yourself to acknowledge your work, and return all of your efforts to Spirit. 
  • Take a literal SUNDAY - and allow yourself to enjoy the sun, your body, and your efforts, especially in the area of your Soul's Work. 

Questions for Exhale's Contemplation: 

  1. What are you ready to relax more into now? 
  2. Where would you like to allow more fun, ease, and grace into in your current work, family, and creative life? 
  3. What is out of your control that you have been trying to control? How can you let that go back to Spirit now? 
  4. How much can you enjoy doing nothing, even if just for a few minutes? 

I honor you on this Journey. 


In this sacred learning together, 

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