How to Create a WholeLife Vision Board

What is a WholeLife Vision Board? 

A WL Vision Board is a creative project to get your feelings and Desired Outcomes in front of you. 

What you resists, persists. 

And where your attention goes, energy flows. 

This is a practice of FOCUSING attention on YOUR GREATER VISION. 

Who does a WholeLife Vision Board?

If you have a Vision that is not yet in your life, then creating a WL Vision Board will support you as an everyday practice of getting in alignment with this greater vision. 

How to create a WholeLife Vision Board: 

Use your WholeLife Journal and write a list of Goals you would like for your life.

  • Be specific, I would like to make $XXXX, I would like to meet my soul mate etc.
  • Make sure to include one from each SECTION of your WholeLife:  
    • HEALTH (Body)
    • LOVE (Intimate Relationships) 
    • COMMUNITY (Family, Mentors, Mentees & Friends) 
    • PROSPERITY (Wealth & Flow of Money) 
    • PURPOSE (Your Life’s Gift & Work) 
    • SPIRIT (Your Connection to Source) 


  • In addition to the WHAT you want, write out how it makes your FEEL. 
  • EX: I want to make $XXXX/month so I can feel free to share my gift. 
  • Use magazines, old books, and even online images and quotes that represent the fulfillment of the FEELINGS that you listed.
  • Make sure to include images of all various SECTIONS of yourself and what is important to you. 
  • You can include quotes or words that represent or say what you want to feel or experience
  • You can save images that you see later that resonate with you in a box, and add them later, or create another WL Vision Board down the line!  
  • You an draw, paint, or add any other details you would like. Allow yourself to be creative and unconventional
  • You can also include your own quotes and KEY WORDS that get you into the FEELING of your Vision State. 
  • Your canvas can be wood, an actual canvas, a piece of cardboard, a cork-board, poster board, or anything else you would like. Take what you have collected and arrange then glue, tape or seal down these images and words. 
  •  Place your WL Vision Board somewhere you will see it often. 
    • Some ideas include -
      • On the wall, right above your computer screen
      • Right next to the mirror you use the most 
      • The last thing you see before you head out the door. 
      • As the first thing you see when you wake up. 


Have fun, and send me pictures!

With heart, 

Briana & The WholeLife Team 


Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana is a Communication and Relationship Coach for WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programing ( She and her clients get real about what is working (and not) in their careers and relationships. She has been described as having a "magical" way of helping her clients identify and release what has been slowing them down, stopping them and sabotaging their communication and relationships. Together they journey to discover personal power, soulful leadership and authentic communication. She works from the premise that life is not about one goal achieved after another, or one relationship onto the next, but an incredible opportunity to create the truest expression of your highest purpose, greatest impact and deepest gifts.