Hi there,

Briana here.

I am a SacredWarrior and full on QueenWitch.

I often love to give gifts of MAGIC that have worked really well in my life!

Yes, I am the woman in this picture. And this is the exact process I channeled to summon in my King.


With magic & love,

Briana xox

How to manifest Your King/Queen

Light a candle. 

Have a blank piece of paper, a pen, a stone from your closest yard/earth, and a glass of water. 

Call in the elements of 

WATER (glass with water in it)

FIRE (lit candle) 

EARTH (stone from your yard)

AIR (breathe deep into your belly) 

Set your timer for 15 minutes. 

Start writing everything you are calling in for a KING/QUEEN. 

Your ideal partner. 

In mind, body, heart and soul. 

Get as descriptive as possible. 

This is in the HE/SHE IS ______ form. 

Once the 15 minutes is up, get a new sheet of paper. 

Focus more on their WAYS OF BEING (qualities of their heart), and on STATS (age, occupation, spiritual inclination money, appearance etc).

Set your timer once again. 

Now, create the spell for ALL YOU GET TO BE to call in this caliber of a human. 

NO judgement, no hate, just who you get to BE. 

This is written in the I AM ______ form 

Once you are complete, take the two sacred lists and put them in a sacred place. Somewhere you can read them OFTEN. 

Commit to reading them at least 3x a week.

The more you read it, the better. 

To increase the potency, read them with all of the elements present. 


These Spell*Prayers are offered as a gift.

You are welcome to return the gift with love by clicking the witchy button here.