I release the land owners, tenants, and anyone else from any responsibly for my physical, mental, financial, emotional and spiritual well being.

By signing here, I understand that every time that I stay at 990 Wild Rose, Julian CA, or anywhere I travel with Briana Cavion, Frank BearHeart Saputo, or any of the people that work with them, it is MY CHOICE (signed name below), and I hold no one other than myself, fully responsibility for my life in every way.

Any suggestions they (Briana, BearHeart & associates) make are merely that, suggestions. I understand them as such, and they will not be taken in lieu of the guidance of medical, physiological, financial, or other professional direction.

I sign my full name, birthdate, and current address here to release any other human from responsibility for my well being during any and all of my work with Briana Cavion, Frank BearHeart Saputo and anyone associated with them.

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