initial Connection   

  • In person, San Juan Capistrano/Dana Point is the half-way

  • We come as allies (rather than ‘an attacker’)

  • I will find an office space that we can rent for the day to do this work.

proposed Dates

11/7, 11 - 2pm

11/8, 1 - 4pm

11/13, 12 - 3pm


what we will create 

  • A beginning conversation about how to support Akash in this work of moving out of Survival Mode, and into Thrival at work, at home and beyond.

  • Address the BEHAVIORS:

    • Improve communication style to be more productive

    • become deeply aware of self and others

    • slow down, notice triggers, and modify communication

    • respond in a peaceful way

    • have personal accountability

    • lead with curiosity


additional clarity conversations

  • Two Additional Zoom Conversations ~

    • Go over what we cover in the Initial Clarity Conversation

    • Continue The Plan for moving forward, as we see what is useful and what is not useful, working/not working.

      • One Mid-December

      • Once Mid-January

  • UNLIMITED CHECK IN SUPPORT - I will also be On Call - able to connect with either of you on this subject from time of our agreement beginning - end of January. Email me with any questions/needs and I will provide the next 20-minute slot to be able to get on a call with you and/or Akash.


agreements: what you will provide

  • Your own transportation.

  • Open, heart-centered communication the day of.

  • Follow-up communication based on the agreements we make the day of the Clarity Conversation.

  • Payment exchange upon booking dates.



  • In-person Clarity Conversation

  • 2 - Follow Up Clarity Conversations

  • Unlimited Support from Time of Booking Dates/Payment received until End of February 2019

  • $8,800

we look forward to co-creating dynamic Clarity conversations with you

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