How would it to be with a partner that is fully IN THEIR POWER and doesn’t need you?

To be with each other and NOT NEED each other, however you CHOOSE each other, not only in your space, but in your life, in your heart, in this dream that we call a reality?

Every. Day. 

To RESONATE in that space of BEING WILD and WHOLE and be in your highest self and know that the other one is in their highest self at the same time and NOT to JUDGE it?

To understand how you WEAVE TOGETHER in life, to complement each other in all that you are not similar in a way where there is NO STRUGGLE?

To step into your power as a couple and really come together in a way where you both get to hear each other and also be FULLY EXPRESSED?


…we invite you and your partner to experience
in a 1-1 year-long guided process

  • To understand and source your self-worth so you no longer need your partner to support you.

  • To develop interdependence where you CHOOSE instead of NEED.

  • To bring your ways of being to the caliber of a Queen or King in order to vibrate at that frequency and become a magnet for what you want. You get to shift yourself FIRST.

  • To embody the power of being a CHOSEN woman (or man)?


Alpha relationship is about two people - WholeMates - in their highest expression of power coming together to create together.

Two partners, both at 100%, teacher, best friend, student, animal, king, queen, both in your deepest truth and your deepest heart at the same time, not to dominate, or take or concur, except our own internal wars so we can become the most compassionate, most whole, most ourselves, your climatic expression of you.

You both get to be leaders, with an elegant dance of chosen submission and dominance.

You get to be BOTH alpha and there is no need to prove anything.

You do the inner work, to show where the shadow is still showing up, to show where the hooks are still present, to show the places where you are still codependent, to show the places where you still are in trauma.

To show each other the places where you get to forgive yourselves and create a more ample story of what it means to be human in this time. 

Deeply committed to creating space for the other to be all of your greatness.


You are both powerful, in your own rite.

You both have a HUGE LIFE MISSION.

You both are successful in your own lives.

You are ready to take your life to the next level mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually, financially, interdimentionally.

You are ready to take your relationship into your spiritual practice (a.k.a. make it your spiritual practice).

You are ready to activate your greatest gifts within the relationship to share with the world.


WHEN you feel the call OF THE WILD, answer.