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Since the beginning of time, we as humans mark our days with celebrations, rites of passage, ceremonies of union, ceremonies of life and death, and - INITIATIONS. 

An initiation is a personal ceremony to mark a NEW ENERGETIC BEGINNING. A line in the sand from what was, to what is. An all pervasive enegetic shift into the highest frequecy that you can possibily capacitate at this time, now. 



Write, draw, paint, dance, sing your intention for the next several days until we meet. Cultivate a LOVE for what you are creating. 

This is the time to deeply, beautifully, and sacredly cal in and create the truest you. 


Be ready on Tuesday, 8/14 at 12pm. 

We will be together until Thursday 8/16, 11am. 

Email to follow with address where we will meet.  






Eat as you would for ceremony, starting today. 

Drink good water

Focus on mostly fruits, vegetables, low oil, low salt, low animal fats. 

More than anything, listen to your Body. Ask her what she needs to prepare for this time. 



Earthing Invitation: Barefoot outside, 5-15 minutes a day. 



Please bring what you will need to be comfortable with clothes, personal toiletries, personal snacks, etc. You will not need your phone, books, or anything else. 

- Your Medicine Mama Journal 

- As many sacred items as you would like. We will be constructing a Medicine Mama Altar for our work. 

- Clothing for 2 days of sacred // comfortable ceremony. 

- Your favorite blanket, pillow, and ceremony set up. Our work is 1x1, so we get to be as comfortable as we would like. 


opening prayer 

We come to play in creating consciousness and love manifest in the FULL SPECTRUM of human experience; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, sexual, financial, earthly and galactic, on this planet now.

Opening the potral for Jenna to receive the full insight into her journey with Diabetes.

Activating the deepest center of her motherhood, so she may receive the being that is to come through her.

Diving deep into the center of Jenna's Medicine Woman Soul, and further fanning the flames on her mission to her stand for her own heart, the heart of her Tribe, and the heart of this planet. 


May it be so. 

And so it is. 

Aho, Amen, Woo Hoo! 



See you Tuesday. 

In the loving,