You are invited.

Because, you are ready. 


to live a purposeful, passionate, and powerful life.


To bring the SACRED into everything you do, everything you are. 


to wake up saying a BIG "YES" to everyday.


to live in prosperity.


to create magic with your money.


to have enough to spend, share, and give back to the projects that you love.


To claim and live - YES, I am a priestess,

here to create prosperity for all!  


you have been feeling this way for a while. 


And you are ready to have the tools and the community to help you achieve it, now. 


This Course was created for you. 

This 10 week Transformational and Sacred Journey will give you the tools and the community to live your life as the MOST powerful version of yourself. Our focus will be on creating the life of your dreams, the life path/career you have always wanted, great financial abundance, and The Sacred Journey into you. 

This is a Prosperity Priestess Training Course. 

Starting with the relationship with yourself. 



This is a powerful course that is only for women who are REALLY ready for the sacred prosperity transformation of their life. 


To go from ordinary, to bringing the SACRED into all that you do. 

To really feel wealth and worth, from the INSIDE, OUT. 

--  In this 10 week journey we will cover from the lens of  OUR POWER AS WOMEN THROUGH SACRED PROSPERITY

-- Space is LIMITED - So, Sign up ASAP. 


  1. A Power Relationship with Yourself - Where is your SOUL & WOMB? What does it mean to be in your power? 
  2.  Feminine Leadership - What is your unique style of LEADERSHIP and how do you find it?
  3. Sexual Energy - What is your relationship to sensuality, sex and your CREATIVE FORCE?
  4. Body Love, Body Wisdom - How to love your BODY in deeper and more nurturing ways. What is your relationship with SELF-LOVE?
  5. ANGER & Rage - How can you express your ANGER in a healthy, productive and creative way? 
  6. SoulPurpose - Why are you on this planet, and how do you build a life and career around this? 


What you will get:

-- A clear sense of WHO YOU ARE and what you are here to offer this planet. 

-- A life time of deep connections with a community of women committed to this same purpose. 

-- Feminine Leadership Training - FTL - a new way of leading from the heart, the womb, and intuition. 

-- FLOW into your own Money Magic.  

-- Group and 1x1 coaching opportunities with Premier Facilitator, Briana Cavion. 

-- All 10 weeks of recordings for you to reference and use again and again.

-- The EmpowerHER Curriculum GrowthBook to log and track your Successes  and Sacred Insights 



We will begin with a GIFT INTRO CALL -

Weds, July 6th, 5pm- 6pm PST on ZOOM

Click here to register for the call. 


The course begins on Wednesday July 13th - Sept 14th. 

The call in time is 5 - 6:30pm



The investment in yourself for this course is $495. 

If you sign up before July 1st, you get a discount ~ $395. 

Sign up here now on PayPal

Send to Friends and Family, so you do not incur extra charges. 

Space is limited. And if you feel called, it is time. 


We so look forward to welcoming you into this powerful community of Prosperity Priestesses. 

It is time, to EmpowerHER. 

It is time to Empower, You. 



With Love & Power, 

EmpowerHER Creator & Facilitator

Briana Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Briana inspires and clarifies with her clients, her students, and those she guides, ways get real about what is working and not working in their lives. In doing so, they discover ways to heal the past and take action to claim their Soul's Purpose. She lives and works from the premise that this life is not about one goal achieved after another, not just one relationship onto the next; but about how we can utilize the obstacles that can potentially arise within these life events, as opportunities to experience ultimate inner peace and creativity through practiced connection with our collective consciousness.    

Briana achieved Masters Level at NLP Marin ( - the premier educational institution for teaching effective personal healing and positive organizational change. There she became inspired to create her own practice, and started WholeLife NLP in 2010. She integrates this with her Masters (MA) in Peace Education from The United Nations University for Peace, and her 12 years of travel and training in Latin America as the foundation of her Soul Purpose - Inner Peace for World Peace & Prosperity for All

Briana is known for her fluid style, deep intuition, and authentic connection with those she works with. She has developed her own creative and unique way of working with individuals and groups by artistically adapting to each situation. She has been described as “a leading transformational teacher who guides with grace, humor, and passion...” 

She developed this course because of her own challenges with POWER and PROSPERITY. And now, with a flourishing practice and a leading speaker in her field, she is dedicated to sharing this work with anyone who is ready for full out freedom in every aspect of their life.