These are our most Frequently Asked Questions about Grandmother Ceremony.

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What is Ayahuasca?

What can I expect when I come to Ceremony?

How does Ayahuasca know what to do?

Will Ayahuasca become too mainstream?

What can I do to prepare?

My religion discourages this practice, should I do it?

Can you die taking Ayahuasca?

Is Ceremony confidential?

Is there an age requirement for Ceremony?

Are my visions real?

Can Ayahuasca cure the fear of death?

How is the Ceremony Structured?

What does Ayahuasca do for people?

What should my intention be?

Can you elaborate on the dieta?

How does music work in Ceremony?

What does Ayahuasca taste like?

Can you elaborate on the purge?

Who is TerraLuz Ceremony Tribe?

Could Ayahuasca have permanent cognitive effects?

Can Ayahuasca help people with Cancer?

What will I walk away with?

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