Who is this meditation for?


This mediation and exercise is for anyone designing a life that you would like to manifest NOW. It is a useful way to go into the future and GLEAN information from your future self.

This meditation will offer you a BLUEPRINT for aligned action from your most centered self. However, this meditation is but a GUIDE.

YOU are the ultimate creator of your own life.

Every time you create from a place of checking in with your CENTER, your MAGIC, you get to create more of that energy. When you create from a place of scarcity, fear, or anxiety, that is what you create more of.

HOW we create is just as important as WHAT we create. So this practice is to focus on the HOW (energy) as well as the WHAT (aligned action & results). It is the DANCE of the two that creates a WHOLE LIFE of beauty, fun, excellence and prosperity.

The Magic


Example of the 4 quadrants and gleaning information for each one.


What you will need:

  1. A quiet, sacred space to sit comfortably, or lay down.

  2. A writing utensil & your journal and a NORMAL piece of 8x11 blank white paper (printer paper words great)

  3. 20 minutes (minimum)

  4. A lit candle

  5. An open mind and heart

  6. On the sheet of paper, fold it into 4 pieces, fist in half long ways, then in half short ways. You should unfold the paper, and have 4 equal-sized quadrants. Label them - 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month. On the back side of the paper, label the quadrants - 3 weeks, 2 weeks, this week, today. feel- see- hear

  7. You will be noticing: FEELINGS, BEHAVIORS (actions) and SELF-TALK of each future version of self, in order to bring out the GOALS (ACCOMPLISHMENTS BY THEN) that you would like in each QUADRANT.

  8. You are NOW ready to begin the meditation below.



Make sure your fill out ALL of the quadrants.

From here, you can create an ALIGNED ACTION plan for the TODAY and THIS WEEK, from the place of your YEAR OUT DIRECTIONALITY GOAL.

DIRECTIONALITY: Is the deeper knowing that we can move in a direction, but we may not always get what we are going after. While we are big YES PEOPLE of GOALS, it is important to keep in heart that sometimes our work is to move towards something, in order to get a new perspective. We create the goals with full commitment, and complete non-attachment to their outcome.

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This Magic is are offered as a gift.

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