We are calling in those who have returned to earth to help end The War.

All wars with ourself, other selves, and throughout the world, itself. If you are a part of this Tribe of Light, and you would like to support US as we create a center, and share this SacredWork with the teachings that flow through us, please continue below.


Our work is to share the light, be a catalyst for opening hearts, and offer a space for deeper healing.

You can check out our SacredWork on Facebook (Wild Woman Rhapsodies), YouTube, and on our website.


We are currently creating this space for you to offer a gift for:

  • A sacred temple space in nature for tribe to come and do the deeper sacred work 

  • Create a safe space for women and children to pray, play and fully step into their power and poise 

  • Be a living example of the NEW SACRED LUXURY - fewer but higher quality items, less but higher quality food, nature rather than things, beauty as a way of life, grace as healing.


You donation will go directly towards to area the YOU desire:

  • Support for Sexual Assault Survivors - We work 1x1 and in groups with women who have been sexually assaulted and are looking for healing and the process to bring justice forward. Your support here allows us to offer these services at little to NO COST to those who have been victimized.

  • Support for Casa Del Corazón, the HomeTemple where we are holding workshops, ceremonies, and healing weekends. Your support goes to those who otherwise could not afford this work.

  • Support for Travel for our SacredWork

  • Support for Briana & BearHeart as they expand their Speaking Work - which up until now has been all pro-bono.


Thank you for your generosity.

We look forward to building in The Tribe of Light with YOU.