We love supporting our Soul Community to be in our home, Sacred Mountain Lodge
Please note the following agreements. 

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Duration & Per person Stay 

This option is for those who spend the night on the land in addition to the already scheduled Sacred Events. 

You will be guiding your own experience. Please see Sacred Mountain Lodge Policy Here

This is a live & learn in community. This is our home, and healing center.

You will not be catered to. You are asked to be responsible for yourself, and your own mess. It is an agreement to be on the land, you must contribute. Sweeping, cleaning, working the land is all part of being here. Check in everyday with one of us on how you can contribute. 

- Bring your own tent on the land: $30/night/per person  (until 11am the next day)  

- Stay in our one of our tents, the camper on property, or in the house (very selective dates for in the house): $50/night/per person (children count as a person, until 11am the next day)

- Stay in the private tipi: $80/night/up to 5 people (very select dates, until 11am the next day)  

- ALL GUEST FOOD MUST  be stored in the outside refrigerator. 

We allow for this option for up to 7 days, 6 nights.  



Sacred events 

The nights when a Sacred Event is held, per person stay is included in the price of ceremony. Any Sacred Event held overnight, or for more than 3 hours at SML is as follows:

Max number of people: 15 total 

Tipi Space: $400/event (max 2 nights in a row) 

Living Room Space: $600/event (max 2 nights in a row. Not available some weekends.)  

Patio Space (Kambo): $200/event (does NOT include overnight stay)

Only two Ceremony Nights in a row are permitted. Living Room Space and Patio Space is NOT available the nights when our children are in town. 




  • All guests are to check in with SML daily to support with tasks
  • You are responsible for you and your guests food, mess, and process
  • All overnight guests pay the outlined prices from duration and per person stay. This includes guests of your ceremony, your facilitator(s), and anyone you bring on to the land who is not paying monthly rent will be charged our per/diem rate. 
  • Any Event over 3 hours will fall under sacred event charges. 
  • We reserve the right to ask you and any guests to leave at any time if we at SML do not feel respected. 
  • We thank you in advance for the love an respect of our home and our land. If anything here does not align for you, we encourage you to find a place that does. 


In love, 

The SML Tribe