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We are here to help you find the MAGIC in your life again. 


We are dedicated to supporting you to live the most incredible life possible. 

- The Initiation - is Year-Long SoulMentorship & Shamanic Coaching Program that radically upgrades your WholeLife. 

- WILD AWAKENING - leads 7 men and 7 women into the wilderness of their hearts and soul’s to find their gifts and build a SACRED BUSINESS to share with the world.


This Program is Only for you if you are ready to call MAGIC back into your everyday life.

And if you want a dedicated team to support & hold you accountable in The Work.



**MindSet in Business and Career - Learning to Play Full Out with your Gifts & Relationship to MoneyMedicine

**HeartSet in Relationships and Love - Calling in what you truly want for the relationships you already have and the ones you desire to create  

**SoulSet in Your relationship with Yourself, deep re-programing, Family Lineage Clearing, true meditation, Nature as Teacher and the availability (if the student is ready) working with Master Plant Teachers.

**SpiritSet in your relationship with that which lives in you, and that which is greater than you. Yes, you will develop a deeper relationship with The Great Mystery. 



We take on only 10 students at a time. This makes work personalized, deep, and unlike anything else out there. This is coaching, mentorship, partnership and true apprenticeship with a SoulTeam that has dedicated their life to Spirit. 


When you feel the call, answer.




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There is nothing more freeing than waking up, knowing that I am enough.
Thank you for this gift. Briana walked me through the darkest point of my life; a complete change in my career and a long divorce. With this work, I was able to rebuild myself in WHOLENESS.
Thank you, I am forever grateful.
— Lisa S, San Francisco