~ You are Invited ~
TerraLuz & Ancient Intelligence

 Sacred Circle

Come to the Circle for healing, celebrating and visioneering.
We will be sitting with Sacred Grandmother. 

Welcome to TerraLuz ~ EarthLight

We are a Team of Sacred Ceremony Facilitators, dedicated to make your journey safe, sacred, healing and celebratory. 

The personal decision to sit in Circle at this time is profound. We are here to support you every step of the way. It is our intention to create community around this work, not just a one-time experience. We are open for all questions, communication and are here to guide you before, during, and after this work. 


DATE: Friday, December 14th - Saturday December 15, 2018

5pm (Friday) - 3pm (Saturday)

To attend, we require your agreement to stay the entire event.

LOCATION: The Mothership 

Exact address and ceremony preparation will be sent out once you complete your payment & the 1st timers questionnaire (link found at the bottom of this page). 

We are keeping the group small (under 15 participants). 

*When you RSVP (by filling out questionnaire at the bottom of this page) we will send you the preparation email with the address & other needed details.* 


1. INTENTION // Complete Ceremony Questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Even if you have sat with us before, you are responsible to update us with any medical/psychological issues. If you have sat before - email us your intention. 


2. Speak with Anthony (for 1st timers, schedule your time, anthony@wholelifenlp.com)

3. Complete your Payment

$450 - @brilove (Venmo)

brianacavion@gmail.com (PayPal, Friends & Family option, please!! )

Your space is not reserved until these three steps are complete. 


Questions? Email Anthony - anthony@wholelifenlp.com

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel outside 7 days before Circle, we will hold your contribution for another date. If your cancellations is within 7 days, you forfeit your spot & your contribution. Emergencies can be an exception at facilitator's discretion.  

Our Circles Fill Quickly.
You are welcomed and encouraged to
RSVP for future Circle Dates.

We look forward to communing with you.

On this journey together,
Briana, Anthony, TerraLuz Tribe & Ancient Intelligence