Transformational Storytelling is a gift that I love to share.

I have witnessed and created the power of a well-curated speech/story that can:

  1. TRANSFORM any Team to come together like never before.

  2. INSPIRE an audience into IMMEDIATE ACTION.

  3. MOTIVATE a mass of people into a collective PURPOSE.

  4. HEAL inner wounds through an EXPERIENCE of overcoming.

  5. CONNECT the audience of humans in a deep way that we are ALL longing to experience.

Speaking Topics Include:


Meditation, mindfulness, and your unique gifts are what will increase productivity, improve your relationships, and activate your life to be truly MAGICAL.

(Great for corporate events, company retreats, Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Events, C-Suite Events, and anyone who wants an EXPERIENCE, not just another speaker)

Sacred space & prayer activation

A powerful Spiritually Feminine opener for any inspirational event.

Healing from Eating Disorders “The Religion of Thin”

Ideal for health events, events for women, self-empowerment ventures.

Building a Sacred Business “Turning my Hobby into my J.O.B. (joy of being)”

Great for Entrepreneurs, small business Owners.

Ego Death and its NECESSITY in our Happiness - “You must Die in order to be happy”

Perfect for spiritual events, yoga events, festivals.

The Journey of Plant Medicines

Ideal for any spiritually minded audience, those interested in plant medicines, or a convergence space of ancient and future technologies.