Transformational Storytelling is a gift that I love to share.

I have witnessed and created the power of a well-curated speech/story that can:

  1. TRANSFORM any Team to come together like never before.

  2. INSPIRE an audience into IMMEDIATE ACTION.

  3. MOTIVATE a mass of people into a collective PURPOSE.

  4. HEAL inner wounds through an EXPERIENCE of overcoming.

  5. CONNECT the audience of humans in a deep way that we are ALL longing to experience.

Speaking Topics Include:

Sacred space & prayer activation

A powerful Spiritually Feminine opener for any inspirational event.

Healing from Eating Disorders “The Religion of Thin”

Ideal for health events, events for women, self-empowerment ventures.

Building a Sacred Business “Turning my Hobby into my J.O.B. (joy of being)”

Great for Entrepreneurs, small business Owners.

Ego Death and its NECESSITY in our Happiness - “You must Die in order to be happy”

Perfect for spiritual events, yoga events, festivals.

The shamanic Journey & Plant Medicines

Ideal for any shamanically minded audience, those interested in plant medicines, or a convergence space of ancient and future technologies.