Money Magic Worksheet

Discover hidden beliefs and desires about money. Step into your ultimate prosperity, and address any Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back from creating Money Magic in your life, now. 


On a sheet of paper write out or print out the following statements. 

Fill in THE FIRST THING that comes to mind. 

  1. People with Money are _____________________________
  2. Money Makes people ___________________________ 
  3. I’d have more money if ____________________________ 
  4. My father thought money was_________________________ 
  5. My mother thought money was ____________________________
  6. In my family, money _____________________________
  7. Money equals ______________________________
  8. If I could afford it, I’d _________________________ 
  9. Money is __________________________ 
  10. Money causes___________________
  11. In order to be more successful I’d need to___________________
  12. Having money is not ________________________ 
  13. In order to have more money, I’d need to _________________________ 
  14. Success always _____________________________ 
  15. I deserve _____________________________
  16. I don’t deserve_________________________
  17. People deserve to have more money if _________________________


Notice what your experience was.

Did any of those experiences surprise you?


Now sit for a moment. Take a deep breath. 

Imagine the infinite worth that you came from. That place beyond space and time. 

Connecting to that with a deep breath, go back through the worksheet, and answer the same responses, from this infinite place.