“The best way to ATTRACT more money is to HONOR the money you already have.”

Money is a beautiful ENERGY. Think of it like a flowing river. To maintain it’s health, you GET to:

  1. Overcome your Money KarmaDrama (see resource here). You can also deeper your understanding of money energy, here.

  2. Learn how to LOVE MONEY and allow MONEY TO LOVE YOU through the respectful act of Money Tracking.

Our favorite resources for Money Tracking are as follows:

This is a great resource for anyone running a business, or just for your personal money tracking. It costs about $15-$30 buck a month, depending on your needs.

It can be helpful to have a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) support you in setting up the automation. Once your payments are linked to the correct category, you just check your balances about 1x a week, and honor your MONEY HONEY!!


  • Seen as legitimate by the IRS and other CPA’s

  • A reputable company


  • Cost

  • Can be confusing at first if you do not have a CPA support you in the set-up.

Find out more about Quickbooks, here.

“When you’re on top of your money, life is good.” We couldn’t agree more, Mint!

This is a greta online FREE service that is similar to quickbooks, just not as official. It also has automatic sorting and a great HELP page if and when you get stuck.


  • Free

  • Online and a App


  • Difficult to navigate until you are with it for a few months

Find out more about MINT here.

Creating your own Excel document (we use Google Sheets) is a great way to track your Money Love.


  • Only you have access to it

  • You can arrange the format, anyway you’d like


  • It is not automatic, so you have to enter in all data for income and expenses.

Here is our example on Google Sheets.

The best way to ATTRACT more money is to HONOR the money you already have.

Here’s to your AMAZING relationship with Money!!

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