Briana L. Cavion, MA, MAnlp
Soul Life Coach

Briana teaches transformational techniques to get us free of what has been slowing us down, standing in our way and sabotaging our life experience. 

Briana earned her NLP Masters Practitioner at NLP Marin ( began WholeLife NLP in 2010. She integrates this with her Masters (MA) in Peace Education from The United Nations University for Peace. This along with her 12 years of adventures and study in Latin America serve as the foundation of her Soul Purpose - Inner Peace for World Peace. 

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Family Constellations, Meditation, and Sacred Ceremony of various traditions are the tools she weaves in her courses, 1x1 work and guided journeys around the world. Learn more at



To create personalized sessions and classes for individuals, couples, groups, and businesses who are ready to heal, get honest, and move toward their most powerful desired future outcomes. TO HEAL, CELEBRATE, AND VISIONEER. 

To dive into the ROOT of any and all personal sabotage in your life, understanding, healing and releasing it in a way so you get the outcome you want, and so you don't have to remember to be different. 

To support all beings to find and cultivate their Inner Authority and Soul Purpose and in doing so, create their most desired WHOLE LIFE, from the inside, out.

To develop a powerful community of Cultural Creative Leaders who are deeply committed to intentionally designing an egalitarian and collectively supportive ideal world. 

To participate in a world where all of us can express ourselves, love and be loved, belong, be safe and be free.

To realize Inner Peace for World Peace in this lifetime. 

I would recommend this work to people who have tried everything else and are ready for real lasting change. In our session, through my pain, I could see the gifts that came of it and have been more comfortable stepping boldly into my life ever since. This kind of change is priceless. Thank you sincerely, Briana Ji”
— Matthew Sutherlin, Nevada City