~ You are invited ~
To A Sacred, Private Ceremony

Come to the circle for healing, celebrating and visioneering.
We will be sitting with Sacred Grandmother. 

Welcome to TerraLuz ~ Earth Light.

We are a Team of Sacred Plant Facilitators, dedicated to make your journey, safe, sacred, healing and celebratory. 


The personal decision to sit in Circle at this time is profound. We are here to support you every step of the way. It is our intention to create community around this work, not just a one-time experience. We are open for all questions, communication and are here to guide you before, during, and after this work. 

This particular work is designed for a small, intimate group of people. Please do not share this invitation with anyone else, unless you have checked with the organizer. 

DATE: Tuesday 7 November 2017

Exchange: $450
Completed Via PayPal, Friends & Family, brianacavion@gmail.com
or Venmo, @brilove

TIME: 5:30pm (arrival time) - 12pm the following day
Come prepared to stay the entire event.

LOCATION: San Diego, CA, Address to follow

1.Writing & emailing your questionnaire/ intentions

2. Completing payment

3. Speaking with Briana on the phone (For 1st Timers) 

These three steps reserve your space in the circle. 
Your space is not reserved until these three steps are complete. 

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel within five days, we will hold your contribution for another Ceremony. If it is less than that, your spot cannot be filled and the contribution goes towards the unused space. Emergencies can be an exception @ facilitator's discretion. 


Our Circles Fill Quickly.
You are welcomed and encouraged to
RSVP for future Ceremony Dates.

We look forward to communing with you.

On this journey together,
Briana & TerraLuz Team