Welcome to Your Sacred Circle. 
It is an honor and joy to sit with you in this way. 
I look forward to creating a healing and transformative experience with you. 

Whether this is your first time, or this is a regular spiritual practice for you, adhering to these guidelines will allow for ease and grace in your journey.

Even if you have sat with us many times, this information changes.  


By agreeing to be a part of this Journey, you are agreeing to the following: 

Start Preparing with Meditation, Song & Prayer: 
If you have a meditation practice, wonderful. Continue with this. You are also invited begin by playing Sacred Music like what you can find here

Ceremony is dependent on your relationship with yourself. Start and/or continue to work with your Self-Love, Self-Care and Self-Worth as you prepare to enter into this sacred place. 


By saying yes to Ceremony, you are agreeing to the following- 

  1. Arriving/Preparation. Please be on time for our Circle. Even it is at your own location, being prepared is vital. Agreements: A clean space, no additional guests (unless previously discussed), and the Circle space set with your items, ready to go.

  2. Phones: You will turn OFF your phone BEFORE GETTING OUT OF YOUR CAR/and/or upon my arrival to the selected location. The Agreement is to not use it until we are complete with Integration Circle.

  3. Center: You will stay in the space and not visit your car, other people, or any other location until our Circle is complete.

  4. Confidentiality: You will only speak about your experience, in the first person, and not share names or personal experiences with anyone who was not in our circle.

  5. Respect: You will respect the Journey of everyone in the space. Give everyone the dignity of their own process. You are not here to fix, judge, coach or offer feedback to anyone in this space. If someone requests your support, by all means, share your gifts. Otherwise, focus on your own inner work.

  6. Conversation & Energy: You will NOT engage in conversation with other participants during the Ceremony. If you need to communicate something, do so through the facilitators.  

Dieta - Eating Protocol: 
Please begin now. 

  • Release all alcohol, sugar, and added salt from your diet NOW until Ceremony.

  • 2 days before AND after Ceremony do not consume any fermented foods (cheese, cured meats, kombucha etc).

  • The week of Ceremony, and at least 3 days after NO -

    • Caffeine

    • Negative Media (Movies, TV, Social Media etc.

    • Sexual Activity - aka anything that could lead to orgasm, including self pleasure (2 days before, and the following integration day).

  • Increase your intake of fresh fruits (eaten alone), vegetables and, if you partake, clean meat (Organic, Grass-Fed etc. Think about consuming the quality and energy of the animal's life.

  • 2-3 Liters of fresh, clean water, everyday.

Foods to Avoid: 
Notify us IMMEDIATELY if you are on any prescription medications.

AVIOD the DAY before Ceremony - 

  • Alcohol

  • Any other plant medicine

  • Caffeine

  • Animal protein (meat)

  • Dairy products

  • All ferments pickled anything)

  • Pork

  • Anything made with Canola Oil

  • Very spicy food

  • MSG

  • Soy products

Eating Before Ceremony: 

  • Have your last meal be a light dinner the night before the ceremony.

  • If you feel like you need the energy, you may have a small meal before 10am the day of Ceremony. A smoothie, fruit, or a small bowl of oatmeal are best. We invite you to fast the day of, however not everyone's body can handle that. Also, if you plan on sitting up all night, a small meal the day of can support this energy.

  • You may eat fruit, veggies, eggs, fish, rice, or toast.


  • Avoid rich and heavy foods.

  • Avoid Caffeine.

  • Water, light, freshly made fruit juices and coconut water are the best.

After NOON the day of Ceremony, please only consume water.

Clothing: The day of, wear comfortable clothing and bring layers for any temperature changes. Sacred items may be brought to share on an altar - crystals, pictures of family members, small instruments. Traditionally, all white or light colors are encouraged. 

Music & Expression: We welcome you to bring your sacred music, poetry and prayers to the circle. I will let you know when it is the time to contribute. 

Nesting Gear: 
Bring whatever else you need to make a cozy SITTING & LAYING nest for yourself, including blankets and pillows. At least 2 pillows and 2 blankets. Light colors are preferred. You will be sleeping in the ceremony space, so come ready to make a cozy nest-bed which you will set up after Ceremony is complete. 

Our suggestions for seating:

Friends of Meditation (the Set up Anthony & Briana have) 

Sitting BackJack - less expensive, more travel-oriented option

Please bring something to write in -  a journal or notebook. 

It's important to stay hydrated, so please bring your own water bottle. Metal is best. Also focus on intaking more water leading up to Ceremony (at least 2-3 liters per day) 

We create a sacred container to explore consciousness in a safe, community learning environment. Confidentiality is vital to create this container. Meaning, that if someone is NOT a part of this Ceremony, NO details about who is there, what was discussed, processed, experienced or ANY PART of Ceremony outside of YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE may be shared. We thank you for participating in this Ceremony and by doing this, you agree to protect and respect this sacred confidentiality. Thank you for your ever expanding mindfulness with the protection of this work. 


In the loving,  

Briana, Anthony & The TerraLuz Tribe