Roaring Ceremony

Sometimes called “primal screaming” or “the banshee yell” this process of creating a Roaring Ceremony for yourself is a beautiful opportunity to dive deep into your soul and EXPRESS YOURSELF without reserve.

What you need:

  1. A BLANK soundscape.

    • Underwater

    • Into a pillow

    • In the wilderness with at least 5 miles/8 kilometers from another human

  2. Your Journal

  3. A Witness (optional)

    • To be seen, especially in our vulnerability is one of the greatest BALMS to our heart & soul.

    • It is OPTIONAL to request a DEAR SOUL to witness this process . Not required, but highly encouraged.

    • Just ask them to WITNESS WITH LOVE. No need to shift anything, make it better, or do anything, unless you request it.


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The Ceremony

  1. Opening Intention

    • Write in your journal, and say out-loud what you are ready to EXPRESS & LET GO OF.

  2. Take several deep breaths, focusing on your intention. Let the energy start to BUILD in your body. Breath and focus on your intention, and the SENSATION in your body.

  3. When you feel the energy RISE in your body, begin the SOUNDS. It doesn’t need to be a roar/scream/loud right away. Allow yourself to work into it. Move your body. Grab a stick and beat a rock. Run. Stomp. Jump. Dance. LET YOURSELF BE FREE

  4. Sound SOUND SOUND yourself!! When it feels complete, ask the SENSATION “Anything else??”

    • Keep going, until the SENSATION feels FULLY EXPRESSED

    • These can be words, yells, screams, and really FOCUS ON THE ROAR


    • Breathe - BIG BELLY BREATH

    • Express - SOUND


  5. ROAR - the deep BELLY sound of liberation. It is a vibration of I AM FUCKING HERE. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. I AM ALIVE.

    • Keep going until you reach this sensation.

    • Do not stop. Breathe deep, but keep pulling from within.

  6. Completion - your body will either collapse, or you will feel the SENSATION subside within your body.

    • At this time, lay flat on the earth or on the ground.

    • Be in Savassana, resting pose, NOT MOVING AT ALL.

    • Allow yourself to FEEL everything.

    • Once the sensation has settled, get your journal.

  7. Integration - write in your journal for at least 15 minutes. You may want to go into a Free Form Writing.



Integrating your learning from your Roaring Ceremony is a vital step to this work.

Speaking with your Witness, sharing your story, journaling, movement, or sharing with your coach/mentor is an excellent way to integrate.

We also support you in diving deeper into this work if you feel called and are wanting a guide. You can contact us here for more information on this process.

Thank you for being a SOUL committed to clearing and showing up for yourself, and the planet. We love you.


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We love you.

When you are ready for more, join us for deeper work, here.