The power of sacred enrollment is the most powerful tool of leadership.

An effective enrollment call has three attributes:

  1. Intimacy & Connection

  2. Hero’s Journey Map (Challenge and Solution)

  3. Direct and immediate action to what you are offering as the solution (PROGRAM X).

Sacred Enrollment is to discover or evoke a possibility and alignment in another human being, such that they take action with urgency towards a co-created growth opportunity.

Evoke and create discovery in people. Enrollment is when my joy, my passion, my sparkle, my excitement, my ways of being makes others excited about their future.

Enrollment is Cause/Cause, not Cause/Effect.

Enrollment is waking up a dream in another person.

If you’re worried about being pushy... You can never push too hard on vision. When do you get to have your vision? Tomorrow or Today?

The value of the vision creates the urgency to take action today. Value creates urgency. People don’t enroll in courses.
People enroll in vision. People enroll in Ways of Mastering Being (WOMB).


Steps of Enrollment

1. Share your own experience
a) Doesn’t work for most, other than those who would follow you over a cliff.

a) Doesn’t work for most, but can be important for a more analyzer type.

3. Talk about the other person’s visions, dreams, and possibility. Care about the person and their future. Ask them to visualize their vision and help them identify what’s in the way - This. Works.

  1. Intention (Before your call)

    a) This is the belief that what you intend IS reality.

    b) Conviction and positive affirmation that it is done.

    c) This is not hoping or wishing for it. This is believing and feeling that it is already real.

    d) This is 90% of enrollment. Declare it and see it happening.

  2. Create Intimacy

    a) Be vulnerable and transparent

    b) Build the relationship

    c) Clear if you need to.

  3. Discover their dreams (after they feel safe and trust you) AKA - ISLAND B

    a) What’s your vision? What are your dreams? What do you want?

    b) If those questions don’t work: on a scale of 1-10, how are your

    c) relationships/health/career/finances/spiritual life/exercise/recreation/travels/etc.

    d) What would a 10 look like? Imagine accomplishing that/having that

  4. Identify the barriers to their vision AKA - ISLAND A

    a) What stops you from having that right now?

    b) How long has that stopped you?

    c) How does it feel to have those barriers stop you?

    d) I understand - I have been there

    e) What price do you pay?

    f) What price do other people pay?

    g) Imagine your life without those barriers. What would that look like?

  5. Action -AKA - The 747

    a) PROGRAM X the vehicle to accomplish your vision.

    b) I don’t care about PROGRAM X; I care about you

    c) The definition of insanity applies: If we keep doing what we’ve always been doing we will keep

    d) creating what we’ve always created.

    e) Are you ready to break through those barriers? Because I know the way to do it.

  6. Follow up in support

    a) This is the difference between selling a program and being an angel.

    b) Schedule an PROGRAM X prep meeting to prepare your baby so they create maximum value.

  7. Hold them lovingly accountable throughout the entire journey.

Final thoughts:
The art of enrollment is the art of empowerment. Do it with joy and passion, and ask for support.

I AM the SOURCE of a transformed world!