Like all powerful Shamana Journeys, ours begins with a deep dive within. For this Intiation, we will acquire a sweet spot in nature, with plenty of space to take you into a 4-day, 3-night powerful 1x1 adventure with your SoulGuide, Briana. 

This will include deep SoulWork (Family Constellations, NLP & SoulGuide Coaching), Plant Medicine Work, and Divine Relaxation. 

All food and accommodations will be cared for.  



The Cultivation is a 2 month process. This is time in between the Initiation and the Integration to dive deeper into the SoulWork through 1x1 Phone or Zoom Digital Ceremonies. These are 90-Minute Ceremonies, at a chosen time, every other week. (4-Ceremonies total). 

The first Ceremony will be (aprox.) two weeks after our Initiation. From the beginning of our Initiation, until the closing of our Integration, I am your Spiritual Partner. I am also available to you for a SoulLine - SpotSoulCoaching at any time that you feel the need/want. 

Here there will be Powerful Conversation to dive deeper into the esoteric study of Spiritual Work, the healing tenants of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Channeling, Crystals Work, Grid Clearing, and Ancestral Clearing.

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The closing of this time together will be with a full day immersion to integrate our Work together. This may or may not include Plant Ceremony, depending on your body's call at the time. 

It will be a full-on digestion of this 3 month journey.

We will select a beautiful location, and all accommodations/food will be cared for, for the day. It will be fun, and powerful. 




Investment in self for Shamana Journey: $13,500


Proposed Dates:

Initiation: Aug 13-17th 

Cultivation: Sept 4/11- Oct 23 

Integration: Nov 6th  



I look forward to creating a powerful Shamana Journey Together! 

In the loving,