This is YOUr PERSONAL invitation to an All Women’s Coven Ceremony.

12/31/18 - 1/1/19

New Year’s Celebration with the Women

The intention of this Ceremony is to:

  • Honor ALL the shadow (Clear All Self-Deception)

  • Learn to practice Ancestor Reverence (Family Constellations)

  • Dive into the active DANCE of Self-Forgiveness (SoulDance)

  • Being together with women in the SacredWork (Coven)

  • Calling in the NEW (Imagination for 2019)


This is an evening of prayer

Come to pray in the tipi with other Sisters, Master Plant Teacher Mama & the Spirits of our Ancestors & The Land.

A small, SELECT group of women ~

1 night

All proceeds go to our non-profit work (The Resolution)

To support victims of sexual assault.

This evening will include:

  • Plant Mama Ceremony

  • Praying & Sleeping Together

  • Dancing Allowed!!

  • Working with Ancestors & Spirits

  • Sisterhood & Support - Practicing Coven

  • Light Soup after Ceremony

  • Breakfast & Integration Circle

Investment in Self & Coven: $333 - $666

All proceeds go to our non-profit work (The Resolution)

To support victims of sexual assault.

Is this evening calling you?

We are keeping the participant circle to 15 eligible women. If you are feeling the call, apply below. If you are a fit (or not), we will let you know via email with times for an intention call (for 1st timers).


This is an evening of practicing the simplicity of prayer.

Meaning, YOU ARE THE MEDICINE. We ask that all participants limit their items to the following:

  • 1 Sacred Item

  • 1 Sacred Musical Instrument (if applicable)

  • Set up for Ceremony & Sleeping

  • Preparation Details Here (Do not pay attention to details about the location on this page. We will send you the location address in another email)

  • Water Bottle (metal or plastic please)

  • Favorite Herb

  • Journal & Writing Utensil


We look forward to communing with you!

In the loving,
Briana & The Coven


Cancellation Policy: If you cancel before 7 days of Circle, we will honor your contribution for another date or event. If it is less than that, your spot cannot be filled and the contribution goes towards the unused space. Emergencies may be an exception, at facilitator's discretion.