who is this retreat for?

This is a specific sacred space for people who want a safe, beautiful, sacred place in the middle of the jungle to do

*The Work*

This is a curated initiation for those who want to develop with plant master teachers & an opportunity  for professional facilitators to walk beside them.

For souls who are ready to co-create this experience for themselves and for the collective.

This is for those who:  

• Have a spiritual meditation/prayer practice 

• Reguard their inner world as artfully as their outer world

• Who want to continue their initiation with the Master Plant Grandmother & others 

•Who LOVE Nature as Teacher 

•Who want to travel the outer world to discover move of their inner world

• Who want to Create TRIBE. 

•Who know how to be in flow. 

•Who want to shine more brightly in the world, create a bigger impact, and truly step into their SOUL as the COMPASS of their life experience. 


What does it mean to slow down?

 - slowing down means we move out of time -

(no phones, & a light schedule) 

to become rooted into ourselves.

The intention of this initiation is to root deep & soar high with NO AGENDA. 

- Discover Nature as Teacher - 

- Develop a (deeper) relationship with your own Inner Shaman/Teacher/Guru (What we call *The Work*)

- Support from Soul•Teachers Briana & Anthony - 


Welcome to the Jungle of Ometepe

Welcome to the Jungle of Ometepe

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when we slow down, we REdiscover our truth

aWhat is offered is Spirit-Guided for us to reconnect, nourish & rest

Silence will be the biggest gift; to reset the nervous system.

Here is a list of what can be offered during these magical 6-days. 



  • 1x1 & Group support from NLP Soul Teachers & Coaches, Briana & Anthony
  • 2 Master Plant Teacher Ceremonies, Sacred Grandmother
  • Daily Walking Meditation
  • Earthing (Barefoot) Hike up the Volcano (photo above)
  • Amazing Vegan Food Prepared and Grown Fresh on the Farm
  • Designated hours of silence
  • One full day of silence
  • Learn The Art of Prayer & Contemplation
  • Daily Yoga
Fresh food from the Project Bona Fide Farm

Fresh food from the Project Bona Fide Farm

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Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 11.25.20 AM.png

All the details

  • When: December 1st-6th, 2018

  • Where: Nicaragua

    • @ The Project Bona Fide Grounds. Bona Fide is a beautiful international non-profit supporting agro-ecology research. Their mission is to promotes food security and sustainable living systems on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua through permaculture design, agroforestry, research & education, and community collaboration. We educate and expose people locally and worldwide to the possibilities of multi-strata food production through demonstrative agriculture on our 26-acre model farm. Their vision is to provide people with the necessary knowledge and skills to empower them to produce their own food in a more sustainable manner and live more intentionally in their own environments.

  • Ready to Dive Deep: Fill out application, click here 

  • Exchange:

    • Single room (single bed or bunk bed) $2950 per person
    • Shared home with private room for couples and/or shared house $3950 per person
  • Payment

    • Half deposit to reserve spot, then second half of deposit paid by August 1, 2018



Come TOGETHER in love to reconnect

 root down

to soar high

Continue to nourish and grow the Tribe of Light, to slow down and remember our Way of Being.

We will get RAW with each other. 

We will hold each other. 

And Build a Bond like no other. 

We invite you to root down with us this November.

***Bona Fide Farm is a live and learn FARM experience - not a resort. This Initiation is for those who are radically self-responsible, know how to ask for what they want and need, are behaviorally flexible, and are willing to do their spiritual work in a group. This means you will not always get what you want, you will have the opportunity to express patience, and learn how to be one with the Flow of Nature, rather than the mind's ideas. Thank you for doing The Work.***

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