Like all powerful Soul & Success Journeys, ours begins with a deep dive within.

This is a WELCOME into this work with me, and also an INITIATION for you to step into your powerful, self-loving, leadership role, NOW.

For this Initiation, You will come to my home, with plenty of space to take you into a 3-day, powerful 1x1 adventure. 

This will include deep SoulWork (Family Constellations, NLP & SoulGuide Coaching), Plant Medicine Work, and Divine Relaxation. 

Our Intention for this 1 year Journey :

To be supported fully in becoming the powerful, dynamic, badass, loving, self-worthy highest expression that is available to your soul, now. And to have this show up in your intimate relationships, in work, in health, and in your relationship to your own soul. 




The Cultivation is a 1-year sacred coaching & mentorship process. This is time in between the Initiation and the Integration to dive deeper into the SoulWork through 1x1 Phone or Zoom Digital Ceremonies. These are 90-Minute Ceremonies, at a chosen time, every other week. (24-Ceremonies total). 

This begins with our first session on 8/10/18, at 8:30am. 

These sessions are based on Shamanic Powerful Conversation to dive deeper into the esoteric study of Spiritual Work, the healing tenants of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Oracling/Channeling, Ethical and Soulful Master Plant Teacher Facilitation, How-To Release all Limiting Belief Systems, Crystal Work, Prosperity Consciousness (Renegotiating all old Money Stories), Grid Creating & Clearing, and Ancestral Clearing (healing the pain and trauma in our bodies inherited/learned from our family line).

From the beginning of our Initiation, until the closing of our Integration, I am your Soul, Success & Spiritual Partner. I am also available to you for a LifeLine Coaching - Coaching at any time that you feel the need/want. All you do is email me at any time, and I will give you my next 20 min avail to get on the phone. You can also email me any questions, ingishts, or ideas at any time. 



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The closing of this time together will be with another 2-day immersion to integrate our SoulWork together. This may or may not include Plant Ceremony, depending on your body's call at the time. 

It will be a full-on digestion of this 1-year journey.

This will allow for an entire review, and an apmplification of the year to come. 






Investment in self for Year-Long Soul & Success Journey: $33,000

Payment to be completed/discussed before our first session, 8/10/18

(10% by first session, the rest completed after year-end review on 8/20/18) 


Proposed Dates:

Initiation: Sept 2018 

Cultivation: Aug 2018 - Aug 2019

Integration: July/Aug 2019  



I look forward to co-creating a powerful Soul & Success Journey with YOU.  

In the loving,