You are Invited
To TerraLuz Spirit Retreat

This Retreat is a 3 day Dive into your Soul. 
We will be sitting with Sacred Grandmother & Kambô

Take the time to read this entire page, as it is your agreement to attend.

This is an invitation for THREE ceremonies, silent time integration, sunrise and sunset in beautiful Julian, CA at our personal temple space, Casa Del Corazón.  

Welcome to TerraLuz ~ EarthLight.

We are a Team of Sacred Ceremony Facilitators, dedicated to make your journey safe, sacred, healing and celebratory. 

The personal decision to sit in Circle at this time is profound. We are here to support you every step of the way. It is our intention to create community around this work, not just a one-time experience.

We are open for all questions, communication and are here to guide you before, during, and after this work. 

Most of your time will be in silence. 

We will be providing the dieta nourishment, tea & coconut water. We encourage you to follow the dieta, focus on nourishment and not "eating." If you have questions about this, connect with Anthony - anthony@wholelifenlp.com

Our focus is on PRAYER. 


Time in Nature. 

This is your time to connect with the elements.






We will be sharing our experiences during the Integration Circles & Sacred Work. Please note that there will be some participants in FULL SILENCE during this time. We will orient you every step of the way so you can feel into what would best serve you. 

TIME: 3:00pm Friday - 2pm Sunday
To attend, we require your agreement to to stay the entire event.



Group Sleeping~ $1250 (per person)

Private Room - (Fits a Couple) - $1650 (per person)

Private Casita - $2250 (per person)


The exchange includes 2 night-time Sacred Ceremonies, a morning Kambô ceremony, a community shared place to rest, necessary nourishment, & facilitator team support. 

To hold your spot, complete payment. In the notes please put "Spirit Retreat, (Dates of Event)"  

PayPal - brianacavion@gmail.com (Choose the Friends and Family option) 

Venmo - @BriLove


San Diego Airport:

We will have you Uber to a closer spot to pick you up.

Please email here to coordinate - anthony@wholelifenlp.com

LOCATION: Julian, California, Casa Del Corazón

Exact address, and preparation will be sent once you complete the exchange &

1st timers questionnaire (link found at the bottom of this page). 

Accommodations: This is truly a practice of RETRIBING. 

The main Ceremony Room is also where the Group Sleeping arrangements will be.

We have 1 private room and 1 casita Available.

Other Amenities:

- Homemade food

- Infrared Sauna

- BioMat

- Possibly Pool & HotTub (weather permitting)

- 1000 acre State Park with hiking trails, just a few blocks from CDC.

- Time to process with Facilitators (Private Sessions are also available during this weekend. Email us for further details)

- AND, to be CLEAR -

This is NOT a resort. 

This is an opportunity for you to DO YOUR SACRED WORK, get in touch with nature, yourself, get barefoot on the earth and pray with this medicine in a good way, with a small group of equally minded, carefully selected co-journeyers. 

We are keeping the group small (under 15 participants). 

*When you RSVP (by filling out questionnaire at the bottom of this page) we will send you the preparation email with the address, exchange parameters & other needed details.* 


1. Complete Ceremony Questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Even if you have sat with us before, fill this out. 

2. Complete the exchange

3. Intro Call with Anthony (for 1st timers, schedule your time, anthony@wholelifenlp.com)

These three steps reserve your space in the circle. 
Your space is not reserved until these three steps are complete. 

Questions? Email Anthony - anthony@wholelifenlp.com

Hold your place policy: If you cancel within 14 days, we will hold your contribution for another date.

If it is less than that, your spot cannot be filled and the contribution goes towards the unused space. 

Emergencies can be an exception at facilitator's discretion.  

There are not refunds.

Thank you for understanding.

Our Works Fill Quickly.
You are welcomed and encouraged to
RSVP for future opportunities.

We look forward to communing with you.

On this journey together,
Briana, BearHeart, Anthony Blu

& The TerraLuz Tribe