This Course is a Sacred Ritual for Growing your Business NOW. 


This fifteen week program supports women entrepreneurs, coaches, yoga teachers, energy workers, and healers who are ready to watch their business flourish while being guided by Soul.

This program supports women who are ready to see their business as sacred, beautiful, and valuable.

A journey for women who know they are a part of the Tribe of Light and are excited to become the master of money medicine.

Who shine brightly in awakening human consciousness. 

You are a goddesses, mystic, healer, and leader of light AND YOU ARE are successful business woman, you just don't know it yet!



Who is this Work for?


This is for women who:

  • Love their work but do not love business.
  • Have a difficult time making money or money is inconsistent.

  • Who are frustrated, exhausted, and confused when it comes to taxes and business.

  • Who are having difficulty discussing what they do and offer to potential clients and people in their lives.

  • Women who are ready to support other women with their businesses and willing to ask questions.

  • Who are ready to show up in 2018 like never before.

  • Who are ready to have a successful business supporting their souls calling.

  • Ready to follow inner compass vs following core programming. 
    (And in all areas of life, how we do one thing is how we do everything)

  • Is for women who are ready to go full out, build business as light, and share that light with world. Going 150% in!


This is not for women who:

  • Not for women who want to play small and keep blaming others for failure or successes.

  • Not for women who are waiting for Prince Charming.

  • Not for women who want to spend 2018 kinda, maybe trying to do their business.

  • Not for women who want to work only alone.

  • Not for who are not willing to be vulnerable.

  • Not for women who are not willing to take big risks  - with big risks, come big rewards. 

  • Not for women who think money is evil. Who think anything is evil, and that evil is responsible for our success or failure in life.

  • Not for women who want to keep their business as a hobby.


Illustrated by Andrea Keh


Details of spiritual ceo

  • This Course is a Sacred Ritual & Mentorship Program for Growing your Business NOW

  • Wednesday Sept 12th - Jan 2nd, 2018

  • 16 week program, exploring the inner and outer journey of the Shamanic Business Woman. 

  • Curriculum modules designed to support moving deeper into your relationship with spirit, bringing your spirit into your business, and developing a community of Spiritual CEOs.GrowthWork, Partner work, Individual Journaling & online Q&A. 

  • Inner work:

    • NLP (neuro linguistic programing) inner work exercises

    • Family Constellations

    • Group Meditation, Prayer and Ritual

  • Outter work:

    • Business Planning, Overcoming Underearning Curriculum

    • Partner and group accountability

  • 8 live video Group CALLS throughout (Every other Wednesday, 7pm, PST) 

  • Private Facebook page for a safe container to hold all information, questions, and love.


  • Unlimited Q&A Coaching on Facebook page

  • Two, 1-on-1 divine partnerships with another woman in the program. 8 weeks supporting and being supported by another CEO, then 8 weeks with a different CEO.

  • Building community and support amongst women, receiving and giving feedback in real time.

  • One private session 1x1 with Briana to be used at anytime during the 16 weeks together.


Interested, Excited & a *HOLY yes*?

If you are interested in transforming from the inside all the way into your business, apply to be a part of the Spiritual CEO Program. Take the first step onto the path of the Shamanic Business Woman (SBW) by filling out the application below. We look forward to reviewing your application and diving deeper. 

Here's to YOUR Sacred Success. 


In the loving, 
Briana & Team