Staying at Casa Del Corazón


The Loft

Communal space, possibly shared with others

Loft, with mattresses and air mattress

$88/night, per person

Sleeps 5 total


Guest Bedroom

In the Main House

Private Room, Private Bathroom


Sleeps 2



Private Room, Private Bathroom

Separate from the house with Own Balcony & Outdoor space

$222/night (If more than 2 people, $50, +1)

Sleeps 4

Welcome to Casa del Corazón!

This is a HomeTemple space.

The above exchange includes your stay, time in the pool, hot tub, sauna, showers, and fresh, running double-filtered well water. This does NOT include meals. You are welcome to go into town to buy groceries or eat at any of the local restaurants.

In order to stay at CasaDelCora, you get to:

  1. Fill out the release form, here.

  2. Send your payment to (PayPal, friends and family) or Venmo, @brilove, to secure your space.

We look forward to having you in our HomeTemple!