Welcome to the opportunity to CHOOSE & CREATE the most loving, powerfully turned on, & healing relationship of your wildest dreams.



You are both powerful, in your own rite.

You both have a HUGE LIFE MISSION.

You both are successful in your own ways.

BUT… your love has dwindled.

There is SOMETHING missing.

You are ready to have the BEST RELATIONSHIP POSSIBLE.

You are calling in the support, work, and energy needed to take you both deeper and further than you have ever gone before.

You are a stand to TRANSFORM into THE ALPHA RELATIONSHIP, together….


Are you ready to…

  • ACTIVATE your love to a new level

  • Find your HUNGER for your partner once again (Sex & Sensuality Healing & Activation)

  • CONNECT to your first relationship YOURSELF with - Nature as Teacher (Wilderness & Vision Questing)

  • HEAL the past, hurt, trauma from FAMILY LINEAGE & former relationships (SoulCoaching & Family Constellations)

  • Dive deep into your QUANTUM SELF, together, and create MIRACLES in your life (Shamanic Journeying)

  • Bring what we discover in this journey into the boardroom and the bedroom, and see how INTIMACY and SUPPORT from your ALPHA RELATIONSHIP can exponentially GROW all areas of your life

What is the HIGHEST EXPRESSION of who YOU get to be, TOGETHER??

What is TRUE SUCCESS in the most IDEAL RELATIONSHIP possible?

What is TRUE LOVE between two ALPHA’S?

Discover your ALPHA RELATIONSHIP & apply today.