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This SACRED MOVEMENT begins as a completely open & free place for those on the transformational path to gather together, find support, offer insights, and receive the BEST COACHING to BE the BADASS MAGICAL LEADER that you are.

Click here to JOIN for FREE at the Level 1: Participant & Coven Consciousness.

~This is Digital Ceremony~

We focus on earth-based spirituality to activate your superpowers through your unique expression of Source.

We practice deep SPELL CASTING (also called prayers, mantras, intentions) and SoulCoaching - bringing forth your Soul’s Mission.

It is open to ALL genders, races, ethnicities, ages, ideas, religions, traditions and creeds. The Center is FREE -- meaning we honor everyone, and acknowledge that NO ONE has the answer. We all have PIECES of TRUTH, but no one possesses THE WHOLE TRUTH.

We will be offering deeper GROUP, MASTER-MIND, and 1x1 opportunities on this page. However, this page, it’s content, and all created here is to be of SERVICE to the larger human community.

For the highest good of all.

May it be so.

And so it is.  

If you are ready for more, see the opportunities below to dive deeper into this SacredWork.


Level 1: Participant & Coven Consciousness

This begins with the Facebook Page, found here.

This is our FULLY FOREVER FREE level. You are welcome to ask any questions you’d like, and receive coaching on our PUBLIC PAGE.

Level 2: Initiate, The Path of Self-Inquiry

If you are ready for:

  1. Support of a COVEN, regular meetings,

  2. Support of POWERFUL SoulGuides (Briana & Guests)

  3. Accountability from your Coven

  4. The BEST content on the planet to STRETCH you into your magic

Level 3: Apprentice, The Path of Self-Mastery

6 month Journey of Group Coven MASTERMIND

For Elite Levels, only.


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Level 4: Journey.Walker, The Path of the Sacred-Facilitator

1x1, Year Long Journey with Briana

Space for 3 Applicants, $33,300

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We look forward to having you join the COVEN with us!

In the loving,
Briana & The Coaching Coven