The Resolution

This Non-Profit (501c3 pending) is a community response to sexual assault in our Sacred Circles.

We sat in our last circle where a dear sister of ours was sexually assaulted during a sacred ceremony. And as leaders in our community we said, NOT IN OUR TRIBE.

The Resolution is a community platform based in Southern California to promote conversation around empowering victims of sexual assault to HEAL, create a SPACE FOR COMPLETION and to SHARE THE WORD of their process.


HEAL: We are breathing witnesses to the stories of women, men, children and others who are brave enough to begin to share their experiences. We support them with counseling, circling, and developing community conversations around the journey back into their heart.

SPACE FOR COMPLETION: We also witness as these individuals devictimize themselves by either confronting the accused via community circle, making a police reports and/or going through the legal process of pressing charges. We work with the individuals and communities to learn about their resources, and how to ROOT DEEP during this challenging time.

SHARE THE WORD: We also promote the process of those who have been through this journey to SHARE their story as a part of their healing, and as a way to let others know the reality of our current scenario. We do not pressure, but rather open up the possibility that sharing this experience can be medicine for others.

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All of this work is woven into our free time as a way for us to give back to our Sacred Communities here in Southern California (San Deigo / Los Angeles areas). If you would like to support this SacredWork, please contact us here -