** Turn your MESS into your MESSAGE **


We get it.

The coaching, transformational, sacred world can be a doozie to navigate.

Which group?

Which Coach??

And why is it SOOO expensive?!?!

We, The Coaching Coven, are here to offer you the BEST COACHING to transform YOUR MESS into YOUR MESSAGE at an incredibly accessible price.

For the first 6 months (March 2019 - Aug 2019) this will be exclusive to women-identified peoples. We may open it up after, depending on how The Coven decides.

This SACRED MOVEMENT begins as a completely open place for those on the transformational path to gather together, find support, offer insights, and receive the BEST COACHING to BE the BADASS MAGICAL LEADER that you are by turning your MESS into your MESSAGE.

heaven on earth.jpg

~This is Digital Ceremony~

We focus on earth-based spirituality to activate your superpowers through your unique expression of Source.

We practice deep SPELL CASTING (also called NLP, prayers, mantras, intentions) SoulCoaching - bringing forth your Soul’s Mission, and THE COVEN, the TEAM, the TRIBE to HOLD YOU HIGH.

It is open to ALL genders, races, ethnicities, ages, ideas, religions, traditions and creeds. The Center is FREE -- meaning we honor everyone, and acknowledge that NO ONE has the answer. We all have PIECES of TRUTH, but no one possesses THE WHOLE TRUTH.

For the highest good of all.

May it be so.

And so it is.


The Coaching Coven is a Monthly Group Coaching Membership opportunity.

It’s different from our FREE PAGE (found here) in MANY WAYS!

  • Only for women (and women-identified) who are committed to deeply knowing themselves, and their OWN inner truth.

  • All Online - Available WORLD WIDW!! (Private Facebook Group + ZOOM) 4 - 6 CovenCoaches to support you

  • All members are screened

  • 1x month LIVE COVEN CALLS (time TBD, and all will be recorded)

  • A personalized small group led by a Coven Coach, who you can private message with AT ANY TIME for support.

  • 3-6x a week FB LIVE videos, exclusively for TCC Members

  • Rituals, Rites of Passage, Magic, Spells, and the BEST transformational Coaching available on the FB GROUP 24/7

  • Access to in-person retreats at a reduced coast!! (All Coaching Coven Members receive 33% off of anything we create!!)

MOST programs that offer ALL OF THIS

  1. Online Program, themes, meditations & curriculum - $1,000/month

  2. Small group coaching - $2,500/month

  3. Recorded Zoom Lives, Facebook Lives, and a private group for chatting with the other Coven Members - $1,000/Month

  4. Access to The 6 Coven Coaches at any time - Priceless

Overall VALUE PER MONTH - $4,500

We are offering ALL OF THIS FOR:

$66/ Month - OR - $666 for year (saves $126).

Apply below in the application.

AND - If you are a HOLY YES - also choose the price point, either the monthly or yearly membership.

If you sign up with the drop down options for payment, TODAY- from the day you sign up, you will receive TWO MONTHS of no payments! Our official START DATE is March 1, 2019. In the meantime, you will be added to the exclusive Facebook Group, and have access to all of our resources!

In addition, you will receive a FREE GIFT when you sign up today!

Remember, you will not be charged for 2 months if you sign up now! This will only last until February 1st!!

Magical Options

We look forward to having you join the COVEN with us!

In the loving,
Briana & The Coaching Coven

P.S. -

If you are ready for DEEPER work, more 1x1, in person intensives, that would be Wild Woman Awakening -

Apply here