NLP is one of the main tools in our box that we call upon to support you in your transformation.

It essentially is referring to YOUR PERSONAL MAP OF REALITY.  

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a process of coaching and curious inquiry that dives into the ROOT of the issue. We are not so concerned with WHAT happened, but rather, with the PROGRAM that is running your reality. 

NLP was developed in the 1960's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder while answering the question: How do people change their unwanted behaviors in a way that sticks over time with the least amount of effort?

By studying the most effective techniques in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, addiction recovery, academia, athletics, personal training, and motivational leadership in business, NLP was born. It is a process that uses language to access your map of reality and then creates subtle and honoring changes on the subconscious level so your personal, relational, and professional life can shift in just the ways you would like.  

NLP is great in 1x1 sessions, with couples, in groups, and in businesses and organizations. The Coach Practitioner works with you to access and respectfully shift your internal Map of Reality - the meaning of WHY an event happened, HOW it happened, and WHAT that means about you and your life, now.  



At WholeLife NLP, we personally tailor these NLP best practices to upgrade the limiting belief systems that have been holding you back, standing in your way, and stopping you from reaching the goals you most desire. We journey to the ROOT of your story, and how that effects the decisions and the meaning(s) in your daily life. 

WLnlp works to shift, update, and heal any distorted and generalized representations, so that your life reflects more of what you want. WLnlp uses your current concept of reality to get in rapport with where you are at, HEAL Core Wounds, CELEBRATE what is, and support the VISIONEERING (engineering of your greatest vision) for your future.

We then weave this with deeply compassionate and personalized healing practices to develop personal spiritual awareness, deeper intimate relationships, flow and leadership development within business work teams, connection to community, and global awareness. 


Our Mission

To create personalized sessions and classes for individuals, couples, groups, and businesses who are ready to heal, get honest, and create the most powerful desired future outcomes. To awaken to the truth of who you are, and thereby birth the next level of creative solutions for the greatest challenges we face at this time. 

To dive into the ROOT of any and all personal sabotage in your life, understanding, healing and releasing it in a way so you get the outcome you want, and don't have to remember to be different. 

To support all beings to find and cultivate their inner authority, and to create their most desired WHOLE LIFE, from the inside, out.

To develop a powerful community of Cultural Creative Leaders who are deeply committed to intentionally designing their ideal lives. 

To participate in a world where all of us can express ourselves, love and be loved, belong, be safe and be free. 

WholeLife NLP is healing on the next level. It is therapy, meditation, ceremony, personal development, team building and a spiritual experience all wrapped into one. It is the work that I suggest to anyone who REALLY wants to shift, heal and upgrade their WHOLE life.
— Rev. Briana Lynn, MA, MAnlp, Creator of WholeLife NLP

What We've Achieved

"WholeLife NLP has a way of unlocking those hidden parts in you that you may not even realize are there, but once they are unlocked, you will feel a bigger sense of freedom, joy and power in your life as you tap into your genuine and authentic self."  

"I spent years seeing multiple therapists, but never felt like I was really getting any place.  After three incredible sessions, I was able to pinpoint certain areas in myself where I was "stuck" and have been able to break free.  I look forward to continuing to work with WholeLife NLP practitioners because of their empathetic guidance and keen insight. I am now able to allow myself to feel joy and happiness on a constant basis and I can truly say that each session has left me much more transformed."

Elizabeth Rial, Director and Screenwriter, Los Angeles