In a world where plant medicines are on the rise, synthetics are used as sacred, and anyone can “claim” to be fit to hold space, our team came together and developed the 5 Distinctions of *What is Ceremony?*

These 5 Ceremony Distinctions can be summoned every time to go to sit in a sacred place. If the circle does not fit these 5 Ceremony Distinctions, for us, it does not qualify as ceremony.

This is not good, or bad, it is what just is.

If you have further questions about the integrity of ceremony, feel free to write us here.




Why are you sitting, now?

What would you like to learn?

What are you ready to lean into?

Are you trying to escape anything in your reality?

What would you like to GIVE to the energy in this circle?


the rite materials

What is the medicine?

Have you introduced yourself?

Where did the medicine come from?

Who has touched it?

This is for Plant Medicines, AND anything that you ingest.

Synthetics, cacao, water, libations of any kind.

What is it, where did it come from, and who have touched it.




Who is responsible for this safety and depth of this process?

Who is watching out for your body, mind, heart, sexuality, finances, spirit, and inter-dimensional energies while you are in this sacred space? Without a responsible facilitator, who stays present and aware during your journey, it is NOT a ceremony.


Set & Setting

Is the space a ceremonial place, that is safe, contained, and open for your sacred work?

Is the space clean, physically and energetically?

Do YOU feel safe and ready to dive in this space?

Is there an altar to place your sacred items?
Are you able to be free with your expression, desires, practices and way of praying?




What is in place for you to digest your experience?
What is in place for you to take the learnings back into your everyday life?

Do you have a tribe that can support you?
Do you have someone that you can speak with about this process?
Do you have a journaling practice to support your integration?
Do you have a meditation practice?

Does the facilitator provide space for you to reach out to them for celebrations and/or challenges?

We trust this supports YOU and your magical and sacred ceremonies!!

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