Are you ready to let out your WILD? 


November 2nd-4th

Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA

Investment in Self: $695

Body is ready. 

You are called to go.




To become one with HIM again. 

The One that is YOU. 

The Wild One who is ready to come ALIVE. 

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This weekend is for MEN who: 

  • Are already, or see themselves becoming STRONG, POWERFUL and MASCULINE leaders in their communities.

  • Want to REWILD their relationship with their BODY, MIND, HEART & SOUL - and truly LOVE themselves from the inside out.

  • Want to create a life of your CHOOSING - from your relationships, to health, to purpose/career/ how you make your money.

  • Are NOT afraid to make a GOOD investment in themselves to get the TOP support.

  • Are NOT afraid of NATURE, and any fear that does arrives, you know how to express yourself, ask for support & continue forward.

  • Are ready to take RESPONSIBILITY for creating their life, and would like SUPPORT doing so.

  • Are ready to utilize fasting, plant teachers, nature, and silence to study your own soul.

  • Are ready to have FUN while also going the deepest you have ever gone with yourself, others, nature, the plants, the animals, and your own Soul.


This weekend is NOT for MEN who: 

  • Want a simple answer.

  • Want a simple "out" of their current reality.

  • Do not want to take responsibility for themselves, or their lives.

  • Want to be told what to do, without having any say.

  • Are into making excuses for their lives and love to BLAME others and make sure that they have no way of figuring it out on their own.

  • Are okay living an okay life.

  • Really have no interest in building community, living in their power, knowing what true MASCULINE strength is, or just have a general resistance to being in the receiving mode of life.

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If you are ready for this weekend, you already know.


Intiation at Sunrise Friday am. 

Complete Sunday pm. 

- All needed sustenance, plant teachers & water will be provided for - 

Get ready to get wild. 

Get ready to let go & trust. 

The rest of the information is provided on the application below. 

Packing list, address and all everything else will be provided on the Facebook group once you have registered. 

Meet Your Facilitators: 

(Click on name for more information) 

Bear Heart - Plant Medicine Facilitator, Warrior Initiations Teacher, Nature-Based Survivalist & TAO Animal Trainer  

Anthony - Co-Facilitator, Enrollment Director, Plant Medicine Facilitator, SoulCoach & Transformation Agent. Your contact for all logistics and questions for this weekend - 


come get wild with us...


This is your time to get wild.