Are you ready to Turn your MESS into your MESSAGE??


This is a 4 month internship with your WILD.

This is not for the faint of heart.

Are you are ready to …

  • Turn your SOUL’S GIFTS from a HOBBY into a SacredBusiness that creates IMPACT & INCOME?!?!

  • Befriend and ride your INNER WILD ANIMAL  ?!?!

  • Get in deep touch with and learn to understand your NATURAL RYTHMS  ?!?!

  • Live with PURPOSE from the DEEP FIRE and HOLY RAGE inside of your bones  ?!?!

  • Have a radically HONEST and PASSIONATE LOVE AFFAIR with MONEY MEDICINE  ?!?!

  • Understand what it means to be a SOUL-prenuer, and a SPIRITUAL CEO Of your Life & Business(es)  ?!?!

  • Discover & Refine your EXTRA SENSORY GIFTS including, Astral Travel, Family Constellations, SpellCasting, Time Travel, Ritual Making, Mediumship/Oracling/Channeling & more…  ?!?!

“Everyone wanting a discerning coach, a loving BS-removal surgeon and a massive boost in havingness should work with Briana.”


Before this work, I was experiencing a call for accelerated evolution.

I had done lots of self work but was looking for massive and sustained breakthroughs that would push my personal performance and transform my internal dialogue. I was looking to integrate my feminine knowing into my very structure-driven, performance-based life. I was called to reclaim my sacred feminine and shed layers of destructive social pressures, historic abuses and build a life that reflects my love for the world.

Directly in this work,

- I transformed my internal dialogue from self judging to self-supporting.

- Opened old wounds and healed them, which allowed for me to experience freedom and ease in all of my relationships.

- I uncovered how powerful my presence is for myself and others

BONUS: I gained new fluency in abundance, both monetary and emotional. :D

One needs not be in crisis to take on being coached by Briana.

Everyone wanting a discerning coach, a loving BS-removal surgeon and a massive boost in havingness should work with Briana.

She is a stand for your big and little shifts that get you to reclaim who you ARE and where you are really going. If you're feeling at the effect of circumstances in your life, you would benefit from being in a coaching relationship. If you excel at your life and you're ready to expand your awesomeness, get into a coaching relationship. There are always blindspots that require an expert witness to see and integrate. Briana is able to help you discover your own power, beauty and clarity.

If you have any concern about jumping in, see where that's coming from. Are you worried about money? What would your life look like if you weren't worried about money? How can you gain freedom and ease with moving past your concern. If you're able to be an easy "no," that's great. But, I have a feeling that you wouldn't be at this website if you weren't interested and called to this relationship... sooo??? What's really there for you? I suggest that you get into communication with Briana and see what's possible for yourself and all the people you contact in your life.

- Elizabeth Guilliams, Branded Content Director + Musician

Apply above.

March - June 2019

  • For those who know Sacred Transformational work is their life purpose

  • All Apprentice Group Magic Included

  • 1 Full Day On-Site Intensive with other Wild Women, June 15th (We will have one of our Group Calls this day, so save the date!)

  • Optional FULL DAY 1x1 IMMERSION with Briana (additional price)

Hear from more women who have worked in Sacred.Group & 1x1 with Briana ~

iAzrya Video Testimonial for Briana


"With gratitude, I thank Briana for coming into my life as a teacher. She is one of the most in-tune, grounded and deeply connected healers I know. I can feel that she fully sees, hears and understands me, so that I don't have to explain myself. Her innate wisdom runs deep, augmented by her depth of knowledge and true loving nature.

In just a few classes, and our 1st private session together, she guided me to transform pain into vision. I look forward to more work with her.

She's one of a kind, and what she teaches creates long term impact and actually changes lives."

- Ariella, Vocal Empowerment Coach, Minnesota

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