You have called us in.   

Extending to you now the opportunity to receive the transformational healing powers of Nature as a Teacher, Deep SoulWork, Tribe Weaving, and Master Plant Medicines to provide a comprehensive SACRED QUEST.

You are calling us in as you are looking for a deeper Quest into your own Soul: your relationship with yourself. Feeling a desire for TRIBE to bring your clients, friends, and family into resonance with beyond just another vacation or retreat.

Wild Wisdom offers a rare alchemy of 4-7 days of Living Curriculum that will bring forth a sacred, healing, joyful and transformational experience to EACH Participant. 



what we create 

Wild Wisdom delivers the most beautiful, transformative, safe, permissive, open, and deeply rooted Sacred Quest for you, and the people you invite to this journey. 

A Quest is more than a retreat; its an opportunity to dive deep into true essence and do the work to create healing of deep SoulShadows (what is slowing you down, standing in your way, and sabotaging your life experiences), and into the expression of SoulGifts (the deepest, most natural gifts of you that express through joyful connection). 

We have worked with companies who want to create a coherent workspace and a healthy culture, coaches who are organizing a retreat for their top clients, teachers who want to dive deeper with their most advanced students, and families who are ready to discover and heal their SoulContracts. This is a chance to create an effective and sustainable blueprint to stepping into the creators' seat of your human experience. 

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Nature as teacher 

Mother Earth is the blueprint for how to live. More and more data is emerging about the importance and necessity for humans to spend time in nature. 

She is our first teacher, mentor, guide, and therapist. 

She shows us how to breathe. How to eat.

How to build society. How to treat each other. 

Within the vastness of her beauty, we find all the lessons we need. We find our refuge, our answers, and our strength from the stillness of Mama Gaia. We tap deep into Ancient Intelligence, emotional, spiritual and intuitive centers when deeply immersed in her vibration. 

We return ourselves to our roots of the Earth by 'Rewilding' through powerful ceremonies of Survival Practices, Prayer, primal movement, finding and harnessing the power of voice, and communing with the ancient intelligence of the plants, animals and nature spirits. 

All facilitators conduct 4-6 modules (1/2 day Ceremony Experiences,) with Nature as Teacher as the prime focus.



SoulWork is the deep inner journey into the truth of who you are, and what you are here to create. 

SoulWork is a 2-part Curriculum:

What are the areas in your life and aspects of your self that are slowing you down (SoulShadows)? What are the pieces of your Family Lineage that need clearing? What patterns are no longer serving you? What limiting beliefs are ready to be upgraded? 

What SoulGifts are laying dormant in you that are ready to be activated and fully expressed? What are you actually here to share with yourself, others, and the world? What is your true J.O.B. (Joy Of Being), and how can you step into embodying more of that, now? 

Family Lineage work (Family Constellations), Astral Grid & Contracts, Clearing, Intentional Manifestation Workshops, Soul Retrieval, Animal Totem Discovery Journey, and Psychic Readings are just a few examples of the Ceremony Experiences available with SoulWork.  

All facilitators conduct 4-6 modules (1/2 day Ceremony Experiences,) with SoulWork as the prime focus. 


tribe Weaving 

We are committed to creating TRIBE wherever we go. 

What is Tribe?

A group of people who commit to show up for each other, to celebrate and to support through challenges here in the 3D and in all dimensions (digital, astral, emotional, etc). 

We help you create this on your home turf, with YOUR people. 
Radically honest, compassionate communication (NVC/Radically Listening Techniques), Deep Feedback Exercises (Circling Work), and Ceremony around Conflict are a few examples of these Ceremony Experiences.   

All facilitators conduct 4-6 modules (1/2 day Ceremony Experiences,) with Tribe Weaving as the prime focus. 


master plant medicine 

Step into the power of embracing your own Shamanic Path in the only journey there really is - getting to know and learning to appreciate all aspects of yourself and the world around you. 

To merge consciousness with The Master Plants is to invite a DEEP HEALING, DEEP AWAKENING, and DEEPER JOURNEY into your life through capacitating the energy and information that The Master Plants will bring into your life. 

We combine the ancient wisdom of master plants with the other three tenants: to support and sustain an AWAKENING LIFE, rather than just a one time experience that can be easily lost. 

TMP we sit with range from Yage: The Grandmother (Ayahuasca), Mushrooms (Psilocybin), Frog Medicine (Kambô), Santa Maria (Cannabis), Buffo (5-MeO-DMT), and Huachuma: The Grandfather (San Pedro).

The current listed exchange includes 1-night Ceremony with The Grandmother, and 1-day Ceremony with The Grandmother, or The Grandfather. If more Ceremony is desired, we can discuss this possibility. 



Additional Offerings 

(not in listed exchange, but available through our Tribe) 

  • Daily Yoga
  • Breathwork 
  • 1x1 Kambo Healing Sessions 
  • 1x1 SoulCoaching 
  • 1x1 Family Constellations 
  • 1x1 Shamanic Drum Journey 
  • Body Work 
  • Fully Catered Meals (In California) 
  • Fruit & Plant Detox Journey (1x1 or as a group, amazing preparation for Master Plant Ceremonies!) 
  • 1x1 Plant Medicine Work 

What you will receive:

  • 4 (minimum) - 7 (maximum) days of fully-led or a co-created Sacred QUEST experience 
  • Nature as Teacher (4 - 6 Ceremonies) 
  • SoulWork (4 - 6 Ceremonies) 
  • Tribe Weaving (4 - 6 Ceremonies) 
  • Master Plants (2 - 4 Ceremonies) 
  • A fully-integrated TEAM ready to lead, co-create and love up on you, and your incredible people 
  • A TEAM who is dedicated to beauty, joy, prosperity, efficiency, enthusiasm, flair and fun! 
  • A Sacred Guarantee that your QUEST will deepen the power of your heart, release your mind, and truly have you feel comfortable to be 150% of you, 150% of the time. 

agreements: what you will provide

  • All travel, transportation, room and board costs for the duration of our Team's work stay. (For 10+ hours of travel, this includes an additional 1-day preparation and 1-day debrief).
  • A beautiful place in nature that is "Ceremony Approved." 
    • 2 bathrooms, a beautiful, open sitting space, not near an urban center, quiet, (body of water is encouraged but not required). 
  • Ceremony- approved food and other amenities for the Quest (all house items, TP, etc). In California, you can choose the offering for catered meals. 
  • The partipants for this work. You enroll those who will be participating. This Quest can be designed for just you and a top client, or for UP TO 15 partipants, total. You may charge what you desire for this event. We keep an transparent pricing process, meaning please let us know what you will be covering for this event. 
  • Payment exchange to the Team upon booking the dates. 


There is a minimum of 3 people on our team, for a minimum of 4 days. 

Prices do not include travel, room & board.

3 Tribe, 2 Ceremonies in 4 days of Quest =  $17,111

3 Tribe, 3 Ceremonies in 7 days of Quest = $29,111

we look forward to co-creating a sacred quest with you

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