April 2019 - April 2020

Like all powerful Journeys, ours begins with a WELCOME!!

You have just said YES to a journey that is going to change your relationship to the sacred, your Soul’s Gifts and your emergent Sacred Business.

The work begins NOW

Your first GrowthWorth Invitation:

  1. To create a list of your ideal collaborators & begin to contact them, asking for their support.

  2. To energetically feel into your FIRST CLIENT in this new model:

    1. 3 Kambo Healing Sessions at your healing sanctuary

    2. 3 Soul Coaching Sessions (Intro, Cultivation & Integration)

    3. $2,200 personal investment

  3. Imagine your ideal client. Allow your ideal client’s call for you, and you for them, to enter into your daily prayer space.

    • High touch point/High Ticket

    • Creating an impact in the world

    • Already on their healing journey

    • Supporting them in their realignment creates a ripple effect in the world



Our SoulMentorship & SacredCoaching Container:

The external results you are wanting to create in 2019, and beyond.

  • Have Emergent Mastery Method Staffed and with a full list of clients

  • Working X number of hours a week creating Y income per month

  • Travel

  • Aligned Romantic Partnership

  • Pristine, radiant health felt on the inside, seen on the outside

  • Awesome Daily Rituals of health, WELLth, love & end of suffering for all beings


The internal results you are wanting to create in 2019 and beyond:

  • Boundlessness

  • Sacred Business as my Spiritual Practice

  • Pristine, radiant health felt on the inside

  • Moving from judgement to unconditional COMPASSION

  • Awesome mama-ship with Akasha as the CENTER for this creation and beyond

Our SacredWork is a year SoulMentorship & Coaching journey which includes:

  • 1x1 Phone or Zoom Digital Ceremonies. These are 90-Minute Ceremonies, at a chosen time, every other week. 

  • 4 Vision Quests to be done seasonally

  • PLUS lifeline of UNLIMITED spot coaching.

  • PLUS - any quick 2-3 lined structure/logos questions, WhatsApp

The Themes include, but are not limited to:

Shadow Work - when the emotions take over and it feels like the anger and frustration are LEADING the conversation. Opening all aspects fo the VOICE through speaking, sharing.

Rebuilding Relationship with self (COMPASSION, CONFIDENCE, Trust in Self)- How to have a truly SELF-LOVING life from a place of deep rest, and stepping forth as an EMERGENT VOICE of experienced TRUTH.

Rebuilding Relationship with Other Selves - How to stand in a lovingly FIRM place with your own truth, voice this truth, and stick around for the negotiation, without triggering fight or flight. TRIBE BUILDING, friendship gathering. Women, circles, Single Mama’s (as a portal to the deepest level of truth).

SacredBusiness - Chunking down, creating structure, outsourcing and having a SHIT TON OF FUN creating the SacredBusiness that truly represents your soul. A dome, Buffo (5MEO), truth, love, compassion and emotional intelligence to heal, clients, family and the world. To become a HEALING presence in all levels of life.


Feb - April 2020

These final 3 months will be the DIGESTION of out journey together.

We will be creating the IDEAL SCENE for the upcoming year, going over the GOAL LINE & SOUL LINE creations, and closing the gap on anything that might be left.

It will be a full-on digestion of this 12 month journey together.



Investment in self for 1x1 Year-Long Journey: $66,000

Payment plan is 1-4 payments, to be completed before the half-way mark (Before end of August 2019).

Proposed Start Date - April 1st, 2019  


I look forward to co-creating a powerful, creative, efficient, effective, fun and SUPPORTIVE Journey. 

In the loving,