You feel the call

When you are ready to dive with the Master Plant Teachers, YOU call us in.

We unite the best in Ancient Technology of Nature as Teacher, SoulWork, Tribe Weaving, and Master Plant Medicine to provide the most incredible SACRED QUEST avaliable to us as humans, today. 

You have called us in because you are looking for a deeper IMMERSION into your own Soul: your relationship with yourself. You want a TRIBE to bring your clients, friends, and family into resonance beyond just another vacation, beyond just another circle, beyond just another retreat. 


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1X1 Immersion CEREMONY 

This work is for ADVANCED PRACTITIONERS of meditation, SoulWork, and Plant Medicine. This is for those who are ready to develop a deeper relationship with the MASTER Plant Teachers (MPT) and do so in a safe, spiritual, contained, loving and natural environment. 

Your Immersion Ceremony Includes: 

  • A 4 day, 1x1 Immersion Ceremony with the Master Plant Teachers. 
  • Day 1 - Arrive by Sunset, rest, intentions & preparation 
  • Day 2 - Deep Dive with Briana  
  • Day 3 - Personal Deep Dive in Silence 
  • Day 4 - Integration morning, complete by 11am 
  • All nourishment, accommodations, Master Plant Teachers, and SoulWork is provided for. 
  • 4 Day Immersion Ceremony begins at $3,333/per person.
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To schedule

  1. Complete application above.
  2. Set up a time to get on a phone call. 
  3. Read over our Agreements for Sacred Mountain Lodge (where our Immersion Ceremony will take place. Ramona, CA, 1 hour east of San Diego, 2.5 Hours South East of LA). 
  4. Complete your payment. (PayPal - brianacavion@gmail.com, Venmo @brilove)
  5. Set the dates
  6. You are scheduled for your Immersion Ceremony. 

We look forward to creating AN IMMERSION CEREMONY WITH YOU 

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