Your Sacred Growth is our Purpose

Below we have the many ways you can be in the SacredWork with us!

Explore which one fits for you ~

The coaching coven


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The Coaching Coven is a Monthly Group Coaching Membership opportunity.

It’s different from our FREE PAGE (found here) in MANY WAYS!

  • Only for women (and women-identified) who are committed to deeply knowing themselves, and their OWN inner truth.

  • All Online - Available WORLD WIDE!! (Private Facebook Group + ZOOM) 4 - 6 CovenCoaches to support you

  • All members are screened

  • 1x month LIVE COVEN CALLS (time TBD, and all will be recorded)

  • A personalized small group led by a Coven Coach, who you can private message with AT ANY TIME for support.

  • 3-6x a week FB LIVE videos, exclusively for TCC Members

  • Rituals, Rites of Passage, Magic, Spells, and the BEST transformational Coaching available on the FB GROUP 24/7

  • Access to in-person retreats at a reduced coast!! (All Coaching Coven Members receive 33% off of anything we create!!)

MOST programs that offer ALL OF THIS

  1. Online Program, themes, meditations & curriculum - $1,000/month

  2. Small group coaching - $2,500/month

  3. Recorded Zoom Lives, Facebook Lives, and a private group for chatting with the other Coven Members - $1,000/Month

  4. Access to The 6 Coven Coaches at any time - Priceless

Overall VALUE PER MONTH - $4,500

We are offering ALL OF THIS FOR:

$66/ Month - OR - $666 for year (saves $126).

Wild Woman awakening


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This is a 4 month SMALL GROUP (Max 16 women) internship with your WILD.

This is not for the faint of heart.

If you are ready to

  • Befriend and ride your INNER WILD ANIMAL  

  • Get in deep touch with and learn to understand your NATURAL RYTHMS

  • Live with PURPOSE from the DEEP FIRE and HOLY RAGE inside of your bones


  • Understand what it means to be a SOUL-prenuer, and a SPIRITUAL CEO Of your Life & Business(es)

  • Discover & Refine your EXTRA SENSORY GIFTS including, Astral Travel, Family Constellations, SpellCasting, Time Travel, Ritual Making, Mediumship/Oracling/Channeling & more…

March - June 2019

3 Levels of Play

  1. Apprentice - (10 Spaces) $3,333

    1. For those wanting to learn the WILD ARTS

    2. Final Group, All-Day, In person, Magical Workshop & Gathering June 2019

    3. Sacred.Group Work, 2x Month Group Zoom Gathering

  2. EmBody - (3 spaces) $5,555

    1. Learn and embody the Wisdom on a deeper level

    2. All Apprentice Group Magic Included

    3. 2, 1x1 Wild Coaching Sessions with Briana

  3. FIT - Facilitator in Training - (3 Spaces) $8,888

    1. For those who know Sacred Transformational work is their life purpose

    2. All Apprentice Group Magic Included

    3. 4, 1x1 Wild Coaching Sessions with Briana

    4. 1 Full Day On-Site Intensive with other FIT’s

    5. Optional FULL DAY 1x1 IMMERSION with Briana (additional price)

1x1 Year of soul MEDICINE


We currently have 3 spaces for open application for SoulCoaching & Mentorship.

This is a 1x1 JOURNEY into what is stopping you from living ALL OF YOUR SHINE, NOW.

  • Are you a BADASS MAGICAL leader who just keeps trippin up on your OWN SHIT?!?!

  • Are you ready to make 2019 the most BADASS, SHINY, SUCCESSFUL, LOVING, ABUNDANT YEAR EVER?!?!

  • Are you ready to be in FULL alignment with:

Your soul. (Live from here, make this your INNER COMPASS so you NEVER second guess yourself again.)

Your body. (Not make it smaller, learn to LOVE what is, while also HONORING your temple.)

Your heart. (Listen to this one. How to untangle the pain and touch on the light)

Your money. (How to make what comes in, and what comes out, sacred. And how to CREATE ABUNDANCE like you’ve never seen before.)

Your relationships. (Open, loving, juicy and REAL.)


What would it be like to have the 1x1 EPIC support that you have been looking for?


Before this work, I was experiencing a call for accelerated evolution.

I had done lots of self work but was looking for massive and sustained breakthroughs that would push my personal performance and transform my internal dialogue. I was looking to integrate my feminine knowing into my very structure-driven, performance-based life. I was called to reclaim my sacred feminine and shed layers of destructive social pressures, historic abuses and build a life that reflects my love for the world.

Directly in this work,

- I transformed my internal dialogue from self judging to self-supporting.

- Opened old wounds and healed them, which allowed for me to experience freedom and ease in all of my relationships.

- I uncovered how powerful my presence is for myself and others

BONUS: I gained new fluency in abundance, both monetary and emotional.

If you are ready to bring MAGIC to all of these areas of your life, AND bring your SOUL’S purpose of SHARING YOUR LIGHT forward in a BIG WAY -